January 1, 2009

Quote of the post: "Travel memories come back to home when you put your head on your pillow." - Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

If you call North Cyprus as "Pearl of the Mediterranean", wouldn't be wrong. It holds the history in itself with high mountains, golden beaches, Casinos, sea caves, old harbour, castles, churches, and wild flowers all around. I have been here twice, during Easter -summer and Christmas -winter time. Both times I enjoyed here. But I would suggest summer times to enjoy golden beaches, Kyrenia harbour town, North Cyprus tip and Famagusta. Other than that during winter, you can do trekking over the mountains, St. Hilarian Castle, Buffavento Castle and Kantara Castle.

There are two ways to enter into NC, one through Nicosia (Agios Demitos) and another through Pile (Pyla). Each car will be charged 20 Euros (4 people max in each car for 3 days) at the border. Don't forget to put the return stamp while coming back from NC otherwise you wouldn't get entry into NC next time.
To search any places there, follow the map and always refer the mountains and sea side. ( I know its not so easy.) I have been these places till now:
World's biggest flag engraved on a mountain. (As I know)

Some moments in riverside holiday villa in Kyrenia.
In the way to NC , near Nicosia

Trying to hold rectangle rocks for a pose
Just arrived in Northern part of Cyprus

There are a lot of Casinos all around in Kyrenia.
Group near Kyrenia town center at night.


blogger said...

nice to read about Cyprus..... thanks for sharing those photos too.... :) keep blogging bro....

Priyanshu Gupta said...

good bhiya these pics are awesome

Fritzthecat said...

I've been living in Northern Cyprus for a few years and enjoyed your photos and texts - brought back lots of memories ! Thanks for sharing !
I've also linked your blog to the international travel website trivago as I believe our visitors will find it as interesting as I did.

sachinkgupta said...

Thanks all and specially to Fritzthecat to adding my site linked to travel website http://www.trivago.co.uk/cyprus-32257/tips

Cyprus Lover said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the places to visit in North Cyprus. all articles written in a nice way. Superb work.

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