April 22, 2009

Quote of the post: ""You(You) have the power with me(I) to make it us(We)." - Quote about You - Sachin Kumar Gupta

At the first, I started thinking about u within You. Like 'Quality is incomplete without u.' But then I thought, It will be too much to have the last vowel - u. I don't want bulk of u. Everyone writes about me, I am putting something in poetic words (I tried) not about u, but about You.

I feel younger with you.
I feel more joyous with you.
I feel younker with you.

that's why I care you.

Layout can't exist without you.
Bayou can't move without you.
Youth can't have power without You.

that's why I cherish you.

Sometimes I feel amyous with you.
Sometimes I feel embryous with you.
Sometimes I feel annoyous with you.

Even though, I am incomplete without you.
that's why I admire you.

Buyout is not possible without you.
Tryout is really tough without you.
Payout is tasteless without you.

that's why I need you.

You always have you in your wor[l]d.
YouTube - video sharing site, can't be without You.
I am sure, youse are not bored of you.

that's why I love you.

This is something about you,
be it with you, or without you.
In yourself, feel the power of you.

that's why I dream you.

- Yourn (Yours) Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

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Puneet said...

nice...u have a great control on ur words

sormita said...

an unusual "u" poem :D , gr8 creativity

Dibyanshi said...

i like this ....

new Blogs
Good ones
Dear all,
Read it ,
waiting your comments, and feed backs
-Amaresh :*

Anonymous said...

You me aur hum...this "you poem" was great dude..

Unknown said...

A very different poem. good creativity. nice work!

S said...

Liked ... liked ... liked :)

A different yet nice poem !!

Btw check out my blog too :


Cracking Interviews can be fun said...

Hi Sachin,
very original. i like it. very good attempt.keep it up.

Benny said...

awesome..I liked it..something new :)

sudhir kekre said...

Hi Sachin,
Regarding your comment on my blog, you may note that even Amitabh Bachan has mentioned in his blog : http://bigb.bigadda.com/. Even TOI has an article on that. This is just FYI since you are young and of an impressionable age and may think that i have offended some sensibilities.
But still i will say this. I still respect your view.

Manish said...

nice work done by YOU....
really good.....

Unknown said...

its really nice.........
it vibrate my strings.

Rajesh said...

You write nice poems.

Rinku said...

Awesome Ppoem Sachin.

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