September 9, 2009

Quote of the post: "Your belief of 'Life is beautiful' will make it more beautiful" - Quote about Life by Sachin Kumar Gupta

Time goes on and on.

Why it is so -
It take more time than a lifetime,
to know each & everything about life.

Time goes on and on.

We spent our time, thinking of present & future,
and these present days become the part of our beautiful life,
and then our beautiful golden olden days.

Time goes on and on.

When we entered the school and have to do home work,
anyone scold us. We weep and echo-
The mother's lullaby time were great,
and rock & roll all around the bed was pleasant to all.

Time goes on and on.

During the adolescense times,
We struggle to get our own identity, and think of what to do in our life. We resemble-
the childhood, playful times, cartoon & school days.

Time goes on and on.

When moving to young adulthood,
We strive for job, love and success. We thought-
the time spent with our friends were unforgettable.

Time goes on and on.

When proceeding with married & professional life,
We feel more responsible & have task of transmit values of culture through the family. We consider-
the life so far was like a bed of roses.

Time goes on and on.

At the edge of retirement time,
We fear of stagnation & ill-health. We recall-
the (g)olden times of happy married, parental and work life.

Time goes on and on.

At the eleventh hour of our life,
We fear that the Titanic of our life is going to sink. We reminisce-
the life trip so far & happy days.

Time goes on and on.

Why it is said -
"Those were the best days of my life."
The olden days used to be the golden days.
Isn't it the life is beautiful?

-Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

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VeeKay said...

very well written..just check out 4 few spelling mistakes...

angel from heaven said...

Life is indeed beautiful if you want it to be.Nice poem.

vineet said...

nice is misery as well n u cant deny that..jus need to face d pros n cons..indeed a nice poem

Anonymous said...

Well written....
Keep writing

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