January 18, 2009

St. Hilarian castle named to a saint, who is believed to have lived here. This castle was also involved in the protection chain from attacks by the Arabs including castles in Kyrenia, Buffavento and Kantara.
The castle have the most impressive architecture, with its three main sections built in 3 different levels. 1st section is build for soldiers and the castle coworkers and - contains cisterns, stables and other structures. 2nd section consists of royal apartments, kitchen, church, barracks, hall and different rooms. 3rd section consists of internal garden and steep stairs-way that reach you to the top.

It is said that Walt Disney production of "Snow White and 7 Dwarfs" was inspired by the St. Hilarian castle. The towers used in many other Disney animations are very similar. Due to the mystical image of the castle, it inspired many other artists as well. Charm to enjoy the castle including trekking never diminishes, I have visited this castle twice so far. Who can forget the views from old royal apartments to the modern royal apartments (downside the Kyrenia - swimming pools and beautifully designed village), Mutfak Kitchen, being at the top of the castle and many more eagle eye-views.

Even some of us chanting "Jai Mata Di (Remembering the Indian way of trekking over religious places)", "Badhe Chalo (Keep on going)" and many more slogans to encourage each other.
Don't forget to capture the snap along with celebrity message board ( 732 m - CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE AT THE PEAK :-) You should have water and snacks with you, and give sufficient time to enjoy here. Although it will took approx 1 hr to reach at the top of the castle and 40 more mins to come down without any break including some snap-time. The entrance ticket is 4 Euros.

I think, this castle will remain the visitors attraction and inspiration of art lovers because from each and every side/corner of the castle, you have magnificent sights to the nature. You can think of that you are watching the Kyrenia map on a larger scale without using Google-maps. After this we follow the roads to Lapta village, a worth place to drive and capture the various natural scenery on both sides along the way.
Wanna to have a look to other castles and places in North Cyprus.


Ishita said...

This is the best site I have found so far about the places in north Cyprus and nearly. I have been there for 1 month it is heaven on earth. Very few people get chance to visit. These places. St. Hilarion is really an inspiration and lots to explore there.

Love-St-Hilarion said...

I just love this place, I live nearby. all people who come here should visit this castle. St. Hilarion is so beautiful, you can visit this throughout the year.

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