September 29, 2013

Quote of the Post: "At Lingmala waterfall, you will love to get lost in the sound of waterfall and clouds chasing you, time to time." - Quote about Lingmala Waterfall near Mahabaleshwar by Sachin Kumar Gupta

Nature, Water, Lakes, Waterfalls! This trip was the dip to the places like Thoseghar Waterfall, Kaas Plateau, Tapola 'The Mini Kashmir', cloudy Mahabaleshwar, and Lingmala Waterfall during the monsoon weekend. We reached this place at the evening. I love the unique sounds and the power of flowing water, whether it is the sea-waves or a waterfall. If you are searching for Lingmala waterfall, you are at the right place.

Dudhsagar waterfall, Lingmala waterfall, Thoseghar waterfall, Dhobi waterfall, and Chinaman's waterfall are the famous waterfalls in Maharashtra. This place has advantage of being near to famous hill stations like Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. It is easy to access from both Panchgani and Mahableshwar. Below map will help you to reach Lingmala waterfall (D) from nearby places - Mumbai (A), Pune (B), Panchgani (C), Mahabaleshwar (E), Tapola (F), or Satara (G).

Lingmala Waterfall Road Map
Entry Fee: INR 10 person and INR 10 additional for the camera. [as of Sep'13]

This place is full of natural beauty and has a pleasant climate. To experience this you need to visit Lingmala Waterfall in the rainy season. The best time to visit Lingmala waterfall is July to October (or November) during monsoon season. During the entire rainy season it has a great flow of water. You may experience heavy rainfall and lovely clouds following you during evening. The area is quite serene and tranquil, with clouds and dark woods in a hilly area. After entrance, there is a set of stairs, leading to the main point. Proper directions are given that lead to Chota Dhabdhaba (small waterfall) to the left (100 meters), and Bada Dhabdhaba (big waterfall) to the right (1200 meters).

We took the right turn first, and followed the stairs-route. These are properly maintained and promoted and also there are sensible gaps so that water doesn't fill in the walking treks. This trek reaches at an exit point, from where everyone just enjoy the picturesque vistas of Bada Dhabdhaba (big waterfall) that descends from the cliff and eye-soothing green valley alongwith a series of waterfalls. There were some monkeys roaming on the way, some of the them jumping from one tree to another. Please be on alert, if you have some food with you. We did some trick photography with snaps of waterfall flowing from the water bottle.

At Chota Dhabdhaba you can see waterfall originating point, and many people enjoy bathing and having a break here, We stayed some more time here and enjoyed along-with some nice photographs. This place is a clean pond, where many small waterfalls meet. This place is full of visitors that just adore the views of the waterfall. Don't miss the opportunity to get wet and drench in the waterfall. If you are planning to take shower and enjoy the water-flow  visit this point first and bring your towel and changing clothes with you.

No matter how much pressure you feel at work, you will be relaxed here and forget all your woes. There are some hotel and restaurants nearby where it is possible to eat vegetarian and non-vegetarian food after visiting the area. After coming out of the campus, we had tea and snacks at Mapro Garden and take home some juice and other stuff back to Pune.

Other nearby places to visit: One can easily combine visiting Venna Lake during one day or two days trip to Panchgani or Mahabaleshwar.

Boating at Tapola - 'The Mini Kashmir' of Maharashtra.


Jagdish said...

Water coming from bottle is good photograph. Like it. also good post.

Sheetal m said...

Why Lingmala name of the waterfall.

Jacob Robertson said...

The point is sharp, the edges are made to handle, and the metal is high-quality and thick, moved here more privacy. It has a nice weight to it and sinks right in when I throw it at targets.

Leona Dixon said...

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