August 13, 2012

Yippee, our Monsoon Express moved towards the north of Pune to pay regards to Ganpati at Ozar (Shree Vighnahar Ganapati Mandir), Lenyadri Caves and Bheemashankar. The Ganapati Temple at Ozar is one among the Ashtavinayak shrines of Maharashtra, called as Vigneshwar (The Lord of Vigna/obstacles). Lord Shree Vighanahar (can be searched at google) defeated the demon of obstacles, Vignasura; hence the name.

It is about 90 km from Pune and 140 from Nashik. The holy place is about 110 km from Ahmednagar in east, and 125 km away from Kalyan near Mumbai in west. Another Ashtavinayak shrine of Lenyadri, is just about 9 km, that we covered the very same day. Below map shows the routes from different directions, along with the one which we followed from Pune as: 
Pune - Rajguru Nagar Toll - Khed - Manchar - Pimpalgaon Tarfa Narayangaon - Ozar

View Shree Vighanahar Ganpati Temple, Ozar in a larger map
The day started with August showers. With eye-soothing and heart-loving views, the journey was easy and within no time we were at Ozar Ganpati. Just near the parking area we noticed an adorable view of Vighnahar Boating Center; which was closed due to heavy monsoon. This area comes within Yadegaon Dam

The temple's entrace is well decorated and eye-catchy, with two large stone gatekeepers, two elephants, two sages, and four musician sages on the wall. As you enter, you will find two giant lamp towers on either sides of the gate. Could only imagine the beauty of all the lamps glowing together! The colorful temple walls, possess en-carved sculptures and different images of Lord Ganesha. The main temple located at the center of premises, has three tiny entrances and inside that you can worship all eight Ashtavinayak Ganpati painted on the ceiling. One can view Shivneri Fort and Lenyadri Caves hill from the huge walls marking the premises. Not to worry on the climbing bit, they do have ladders! 

Just outside the temple, you can have quick visit to Gablibaba temple, and Hanuman temple. Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated in great splendor and thousands of devotees come over to pay regards. Once out of the temple, our creativity took its turn and we were all set again for clicking and posing for pics. Post a quick explore of the Dam, we paused for a cup of tea and homemade sandwiches. With the start of day with Ganapati Darshan, day was bound to be good. And there it went.  :) We started for Lenyadri Caves Ganpati Temple and the showers too.  

Visit another famous AshtavinayakRanjangaon Mahaganapati near Shirur.

P.S. Just to give an idea to the readers, you may want to plan a full day trip nearby as below:
Cover Ozar Ganpati, Lenyadri caves Ganpati and Shivneri Fort. or 
Cover Ozar Ganpati, Lenyadri caves Ganpati and Bheemashanker.


Kavita K said...

This is ok ok place.. only for families and bhakts. but relax and calm atmosphere is here.

-Kavita K

Suman said...

Thanks for putting information and path details about Shree Vighanahar Ganpati Temple, Ozar. very few people come to visit this Ganpati compare to others in all Astavinayaka temples. It is near my village. Imeages and details is also well explained. Nice information given.

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