January 13, 2013

First weekend of the year, with the winter at its best, we visited Konkan stretch of beaches near Raigad and Dapoli. We started from Pune and paved through Mulshi Lake, zig-zag routes of Tamhini ghat, breaks at some points, and reached our first destination - Shrivardhan

Shrivardhan stands for "increase of prosperity". This little gem Shrivardhan, is located at the connect of three Raigad beaches - Diveagar, Shrivardhan and HarihareshwarWith a long stretch of black sand beach and a village full of beetle nuts, jack fruits and banana plantations, Shrivardhan has a very fresh feel about it.

I decided to enjoy the breeze in the shade of trees, while others took a stroll along the beach. Starfish are observed on shores in winters, whereas crabs can be seen in summers. We could find quite a few Starfish on impregnably silent, "Kondivali beach". Shrivardhan Taluka is an ancient place of historical importance and is mentioned as being visited by Arjun in his pilgrimage. Some people used to visit Shri Laxminarayan Temple, and other temples of Kusumdevi, Somjai, Bhairavnath and Jivaneshwar in the town. Another important accessory to remember is Mosquito net/repellent if you are planning an overnight stay along the sea.

After that we moved to the 'house of God' - Harihareshwar. Below route can be followed if you are coming from Pune or Mumbai.
Pune - Chandni Chowk - Mulshi - Tamhini Ghat - Mangaon - Mhasala - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar
Mumbai - Pen - Kolad - Mangaon - Mhasala - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar

Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar Trip

Harihareshwar "The devghar - the house of God":
It is called the Kashi of South India (Dakshin Kashi) because of a Shivling and is an important pilgrim centre. The town is surrounded by four hills named after Lords Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri. The town of Harihareshwar is known for its tranquil and picturesque beach and is also famous for the ancient temple of Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar beach is also a very clean and excellent beach with many water sports activities. The place offers one of the most splendid melange – deep dark woods, unruffled and silent seashore, pristine beaches and lovely temples by the beach side.

We had a visit to the temple, and then much needed lunch at a nearby resort. Then we followed the less travelled route - Harihareshwar Pradakshina Marg, not to be missed if you are visiting this place. It was a great fun to watch sea from the hillock and natural extravaganza during the sunset. At twilight, its an experience in its own to watch the sun moving towards horizon leaving the sea in saffron colour. 

Pradakshina around the temple is highly recommended. As you keep walking through the Pradakshina route, you get to see some of the most splendid views:

Eye-catching view of the temple from hillock
Eye-catching views of the Harihareshwar beach from hillock
Kaamdhenu Teerth
Vishnupad sthan
Interesting rocks having salt threads
Sunset views
Rocks in the face shape
Mountain shaped as rockstar man with specs

Ganesh Gully: It is a culvert which is very narrow of about 3 feet wide in between two hard Rocky Mountains. At the end of the culvert, there is a holy niche, a place where Lord Ganesh Idol is placed, that becomes clearly visible at low tide. As soon as we came to this place, backdrop of natural beauty and smoothening winds refreshed us.

Truly in all sense Harihareshwar is a place of enormous beauty with the pleasant ambience, temples, beach, dense woods and not to be missed Pradakshina route. We had a cup of tea and moved towards Harnai village and the gateway of romantic beaches in Konkan region.


PR said...

seems like u guys r enjoying alot. keep it up, nice place & picts. will go sometime.

Unknown said...

This place reminds me of my voyage from Panaji to Mumbai in January 1983. Ratnagiri, Raigad and Harihareshwar I saw from a distance of 4 Kms off sea-shore.

Nice to see that you enjoyed these place.

Anonymous said...

It helped us to plan our trip as well. thanks for the wonderful info man.


Rajesh said...

This is a wonderful place good pictures

Jayant K said...

Thanks for all info about Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar beaches. If I am travelling from Mumbai, Can I cover all these place in single day. Nice photographs of Shrivardhan Harihareshwar Beaches.

Anonymous said...

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