December 30, 2010

After the long long time, We enjoyed the long biking & decided to go to Mulshi Lake. It was the runtime plan executed by Ritesh, Tara, Abhishek, Anish, Shashwat, Ashish & me. We plan to enjoy an eve at Mulshi lake, We marched from Magarpatta to Mulshi Dam via Swargate, Chandni Chowk, Pirangut and Paud & so on. It is approx 35 - 40 KM from Chandni Chowk, Pune. Mulshi dam and lake belongs to Mula river under the Pune district division. It supplies power to Mumbai.

While our visit to this place, We keep on pausing at frequent intervals for snacks, snaps and relax. Though It was not the rainy season, but we still enjoyed that winter eve throughout wild and breeze nature. You will find people stopping their vehicle at various points, enjoying the long beautiful lake. Mulshi Choupati can be better option for the snacks or lunch other than rest roadside dhabas & restaurants. We also stopped our bikes at medium crowded place during this season, and explored a bit. Different set of people were here for different purposes, You understand what I mean. :) Some people were even enjoying the lake bath during this dusk time. Some of us, also jumped into the lake semi-folding their lowers.

Now It started twilighting, the moment we were waiting for. I explored some of the opportunities of photography, trying to capture the sunset in different horizons. In the album above, Some of the sunset photos at Mulshi lake can be enjoyed. I always love the diffused light from the sky, when the sun is below the horizon, may be, it just before sunrise or just after sunset.

After that we returned back to Magarpatta having dinner at Chandni Chowk. It was cold enough to make us numb while biking back to Pune. Now Mulshi lake and nearby areas are being developed as a tourist spot. It can be good option for you to enjoy an eve there. It can also be considered as one day picnic spot near Pune to chill having tranquil, serene and scenic nature.

November 17, 2010

Welcome to the month of Sweet November. Happy Diwali, Eid, and Thanksgiving to all my readers. The below simple poem have deep & different meaning for each of the line "You will remember me" and may differ for each and every person as per the imagination. :) So think deeply and enjoy the poem. :)
Please give me your insights and perceptions, If any.


When You will be wet in the rain,
you will remember me.
When You have some pain,
you will remember me..

When you comb your hair,
you will remember me.
When you see any loving pair,
you will remember me..

When you will be in front of the mirror,
You will remember me.
If you see blooming the flower,
you will remember me..

When you will be happy,
you will remember me.
when you will cry,
you will remember me..

When you will be near,
you will remember me.
while being too far,
remember me even more..

Early in the morning, being sunrise,
you will remember me.
at the eve, being sunset,
you will remember me..

Being loneliness, when you weep,
you will remember me.
being tired as soon as you sleep,
you will remember me in your dream..

When you be near the sea,
you will remember me.
When the wind touch your knee,
you will remember me..

In summers, when you see any shadowy tree,
you will remember me.
In winters, when you will freeze,
you will remember me..

When your tounge touch your rosy lips,
you will remember me.
If you feel any hiccups,
you will remember me..

When you will feel to fight,
you will remember me.
If you memorise those days & night,
you will remember me..

When you think of old memories,
you will remember me.
When you read some pieces of papers,
you will remember me..

If you see those old albums,
you will remember me.
A walk, that ended so soon, but lasted forever,
like the months from January to December, you will remember...

- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)


September 27, 2010

Quote of the Post: "Should I call this a spiritual or a lover's place." - Quote about Mahabaleshwar - Sachin Kumar Gupta

Hello and welcome to the Green Grand Canyon of India, Mahabaleshwar. It is already listed to the evergreen forests of the world. It is the hill station in Satara district (Maharashtra) about 120 KM away from Pune and 280 KM away from Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar is a vast plateau measuring 150 KM2 bound by valleys on all sides.
It is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy honey and strawberries especially during the summer. Besides the plenty of restraint paths, boating, horse riding, and golf facilities, fishing spots, trekking trails and pretty waterfalls, the town is full of lookout points. Although there are close to 25 'Points' in Mahabaleshwar, Some points to worth visiting in Mahabaleshwar are Bombay Point, Elphinstone Point, Mahabaleshwar Club, Kate's Point, Wilson's Point, Sunset Point, Arthur's Seat etc. We covered some of the must see points during our 1 day trip to Mahabaleshwar. Not to mention, but don't forget to bring your camera while travelling Mahabaleshwar.

Parsi Point: Parsi Point is a renowned picnic spot. This scenic point is situated on the way to Mahabaleshwar, and overlooks the lush green Krishna valley and the blue shiny waters of the Dhom Dam.
There is a parking area from where you have to trek a little to get Lodwick and Elephant Head Points.
Lodwick Point: This place has a great views and You can enjoy plenty of waterfalls flowing. There is a monument in memory of the general, erected by his son.

Elephant Head Point: The walk from Lodwick point to Elephant head is tranquil and serene, and the nature makes it overwhelming. The cliffs which overhang resemble an elephant’s head and trunk. It is another observation point to deep valley view. There were also plenty of pancies of different colors at the edges of the deep valleys.

Arthur's Seat: It is the most famous point and full of walkers and trekkers. You don't wanna leave this place. To really enjoy this place, You should enjoy the sun-light over the mountains coming out of clouds. You can enjoy the sweet corn here. Nearby points are Window Point (Just below Arthur's point), Tiger's Spring, echo point.

Kate's Point: This point gives you the freshness and warmth of nature having Krishna valley in back with lush green mountains at both sides. It is a good place to relax and rejuvenate as well.

Needle Hole Point: The view from here is simply mesmerizing. This is opposite of Kate's Point and can be reached through the trail at the other side of the road. A beautiful waterfall can be enjoyed at this place. The place is actually of the lookout point of Kate's Point. The place is also known as Elphinstone Point.

While returning back to Pune, We have a quick look to Mazaana Chocolate factory and had the tea break as well. Thanks to Shaju, Anjali, Atul, Karishma, and Suhas to make this trip more enjoyable.
Other Nearby Hill Stations Visit: Khandala Lonavala

September 19, 2010

Quote of the Post:

"There's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money, either." - Robert Graves, 1962 interview on BBC-TV, based on a very similar statement he overheard around 1955

"A poet can survive everything but a misprint." - Oscar Wilde

"Poetry... is poet's food & drink, a brasserie." Quote about Poetry - Sachin Kumar Gupta

What is Poetry:

It is a non-poet or poet's try.
It is
Actually a prose, that is later on fry.
It is mind-blowing chemistry.
Sometimes It is puzzle, named as trigonometry.

Sometimes shaped so well, like geometry.
When only selected people understand, it is palmistry.
It has many varieties and tastes in its pantry.
You are welcomed to express your thoughts fully free.

It is a feeling, may be hot, cool, wet or dry.
It is lover's happy moments or cry.
may be sweet, sour or salty.

It is an allure, when contains symmetry.
It is our dreams, thoughts and property.
You can always give it a try.

When comes to patriotism, It is our country.
It is drinker's winery.
It is never-ending battery.
It is all-generation entry.
It is friend's thanks or sorry.

It is a satisfaction, like shadow in hot summer.
bon-fire in a snow.
sun-light in the winter.
rainbow in the rain.

Join the Poet's industry.
because life is a poetry.
all surrounding is a poetry.
It is a dictionary.
You are free to innovate and produce anything in this factory.

It is my salary and my gallery.
It is someone's dream or someone's reality.
sometimes non-understandable mystry.
Now I would say, Go Green and save tree.

It is an ultimate beautiful tree.
It will heel you, so you can feel free.
It is the poet's degree.
Readers are its referee.
It is poet's food & drink, a brasserie.
Now I hope, You all will agree.

- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

Other Poems:

September 4, 2010

Quote of the post: "The place to get, set and wet that covers lusk green carpet surrounded by shawl of clouds and flowing waterfalls alongwith mist." - Quote about Lonavala - Sachin Kumar Gupta
Lonavala - Jab bhi man ho chale aana. :)
Lonavla is a hill station in the Pune district. Around 64 km from Pune and 96 km from Mumbai. Both the Mumbai - Pune highway and Mumbai Pune express highway pass through Lonovala. Lonovala and Khandala are twin hill stations on the Sahyadri range, around 622m above the sea level and a popular holiday destinations during the monsoons.
This time my monsson express reached to Lonavala, This place is good round the clock of a year. But when the year clock moves to the month of July-August, it started being greener. and as the time goes on, It becomes the most amazaing place to enjoy and picnic with family, friend, and loved ones. Specially during the monsoon, people come here for the natural beauty, many waterfalls, lake, forts, and lusk green area all around.

Bushi Dam: A perfect place for picnic, zig-zag paths, and during the monsoon season, continuously flowing water. If you are expert, you can also swim across the lake. It is approx 5 KM from Lonavala railway station. You can enjoy the whole walk from station to Bushi dam being set & wet at vairous waterfalls along the way enjoying fresh-minded views. We were been to this place on Sunday, The *-wheelers were throughout the way like the bee-house (Madhumakhi chatta) Mumbaikers and Punites are crazy about this place, keeping the road jam packed during Sat and Sunday.

Lion Point: We reached to Lion point after coming back from Bushi Dam. I couldn't perform photographic sessions due to much fog. Though from here deep valley can be enjoyed during open sky. Sooner it started raining and hot snacks needed at this time to our toungue. This place is good to have snacks, Samosas, Khachodi, tea etc etc. After that we moved towards Lonavala lake, and have some good photograhs on our way.
Lonavala Lake: Lonavala Lake is surrounded by natural scenery, about 1.6 km from the town. The lake dries up during the winter months. The lake is also called as the monsoon lake. It is believed that it is the originating point of the river Indrayani.

Ryewood Park: Ryewood Park & Shivaji Udyan; This is an extensive garden situated in Lonavala. The garden covers a lot of ground and it is full of tall trees. There is an old Shiva temple in the park. The garden has plenty of place for children to play.

For me, This place holds one of my most memorable moments spent with my family (specially nearby Pune). After that we move towards Khandala, another nearby hill station.

August 22, 2010

I departed back to India from Seattle. My first flight Seattle - San Francisco got delayed, and plan to quick visit to SF also vanished. I already exausted during this Seattle trip having just good time visit to Blake Island. But something better yet to come that day. Though It was too much cloudy and rainy.

As soon as my next flight SF - Frankfurt take off, I take advantange getting window seat, and clicking some snaps. One snap of flight reflection over the clouds is good upto some extent and the snaps having the dense cloud blanket over the San Francisco city. As I go through some of the other SF websites and came to know that fog is the regular features of San Francisco summers.

Sooner My eagle eyes got the glimpse of Golden Gate and SF - Oakland Bay Bridge. I have taken some of the videos over these bridges, and clicked some snaps in addition quickly. The timings of the luggage cruise crossing the Golden gate bridge add beauty to the sky view of Golden Gate bridge picture. After zooming I found that many boats were crawling at the same time, seems like the dots in the pictures. Another is the bay bridge (also known as "James 'Sunny Jim' Rolph" Bridge), has one of the longest spans in the world. It has 10 lanes (5 westbound on upper level, 5 eastbound on lower) for carriers.

SF is also famous for its hills. There are more than 50 hiils within city limits. Some of those hills [Names unknown to me] can be enriched in these pictures. During the further flight, I also enjoyed cloud thunder and lighting. Most of the time the nature was playing hide and seek game with no cloud - dense cloud.

I would say, This flight was like the helicopter tour of San Francisco city, Golden Gate, and Bay Bridge. It seems that I was rejuvenating the live google maps from the flight window. Now its time to relax, have snacks and small chat with beautiful air hostess serving :-) and way to India via Frankfurt.

Other Places visited in USA:

A sunny day to ... San Juan Islands, Washington, USA.
Endless Landscapes ... Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.
Night Life at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Day Life at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Universal Studios Tour, Los Angeles, California, USA
A snowy trip to Leavenworth, Washington, USA
Boulder Dam - Hoover Dam, Arizona - Nevada Border, USA
Tillicum Village, Blake Island Tour, Seattle, Washington

August 20, 2010

This is a 4-hour adventure to Tillicum Village on Blake Island State Park from Seattle waterfront. Blake Island, is a Washington State Park accessible only by boat. On the northeast end of the island is Tillicum Village, a showcase for Northwest Coast Indian arts, culture, and food.

We booked the tickets over the phone with Argosy Cruise, $79.95 per person. We arrived at Pier 55 directly from the office. The adventure begins with an Argosy cruise on Puget Sound to Blake Island having relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery during the 50 minute cruise.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by a path strewn with white clam shells bleached by the sun and greeted with an appetizer of steaming clams in nectar broth. The Visitor experience includes a greeting from Tillicum Village employees costumed in Northwest Coastal Native tribal costume.

Inside the longhouse, guests can watch the whole Chinook salmon are cooked over an alder-wood fire on cedar stakes in the traditional Northwest Coast Indian style. Your meal is served buffet-style and includes a menu of Traditional Indian-style Baked Salmon. Fresh fruit salad, Assorted Melons, Grapes, Strawberries and Pineapple, served with a Strawberry Honey Dipping Sauce is the option for vegetarian other than wonderful combination of wild and regular rice, cooked to perfection with onions, garlic and a fragrant vegetable stock. I liked it, Atul and Sumit didn't.

Tillicum Village Menu:

Steamed Clams in Nectar
Traditional Alder Baked Salmon
Signature Northwest Stew
Wild Grain Harvest Rice
Warm Whole Grain Tillicum Bread
Field Greens Salad
Tri-Colored Bean Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Northwest Dessert Treat

Coffee and Tea Service with the Meal at Tillicum Village.

As you finish your meal, the lights dim while the myth and magic come to life in the spellbinding performance featuring the Tillicum Village dancers. Tip: Try to grab the front seats, so that performance can be enjoyed and captured closely.

Prior to the return trip to downtown Seattle, time is provided following the performance where visitors may have the opportunity to visit a gallery featuring regional Northwest artwork, watch a totem pole carving demonstration by Native Americans, and walk along the beaches and trails of Blake Island. People used to come here in Summer season for camping and relaxing with nature as well. The beautiful Mount Rainier can be enjoyed at the evening.

The cost of $79.95 (non-refundable) includes a one-hour narated trip on Argosy cruise, clam appetizers upon arrival to the island, a Chinook salmon feed, and entertainment, Native American-inspired dance show, exploration time on the island and the return cruise to Seattle.

So if you are in Seattle, It can be a one time go trip to Blake Island to enjoy marine camping park with five miles of saltwater beach shoreline providing unobstructed views of the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline.

August 1, 2010

First of all, A very happy friendship day to all my loved ones and friends. It is right by said, that the expansion of FRIEND is true in itself, [F]ew [R]elations [I]n [E]arth [N]ever [D]ie. Even though it is intensionally expanded. But I like this. So this poem is for all my loved ones and friends:
Every girl wanna to be my life.
But don't know why!
don't know why!

Besides me, every girl wanna to be lie,
I am not telling a lie.
No lie.

Every girl wanna to be my side.
I wanna this to be avoid.
I don't hide.

Every girl wanna to meet me at night.
Its very tough and tight.
Give me some light.
I love light.

So every girl wanna to have some fight.
I don't have any right.
No right, No fight.

Every girl wanna someone my type.
I don't want any hype.
No hype.

Even someone shows me the knife,
I don't want to be wipe,
Save my life.

Even pretty lips calls me anytime,
Be it day or night.
be it nine or five.
Jesus! I am still alive.
Save me with all this talk & jive.

Even those lips wanted to kiss me.
The more they miss me,
more they wanted to kill(ss) me.

Every girl wanna to be with me at tea/Coffee-time.
But I don't feel fine.
Really not fine.

Every girl wanna to be my wife.
But don't know why!
don't know why!

Thanks God for my life.
Every girl wanna to be my bride.
So, I cried.

Still I am single,
ya still single.
So every girl wanna to be mingle.

These are the words from the poet inside me,
It's nothing about me.
Nothing about me.
- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

July 26, 2010

The place named in famous Bollywood song, "Aati Kya Khandala". It is really the place to ask someone special :) "Wanna come Khandala with me (aati kya khandala)".

There are places in the world, you can't pen their beauty, this is one of those places. To really enjoy the place, you have to be here specially during monsoon. The proof are the images below.

It is the perfect holiday destination and famous for honeymoon and romantic vacations in India. The place can be easily accessed from Pune or Mumbai through Mumbai-Pune expressway. During the monsoon season, The place wears lusk green carget surrouded by clouds alongwith eye-loving views. This hill station fulfills the reqiurements of all kinds of tourists having good hotels.

It was our family trip from out of the hustle and bustle of Pune city. This area we covered after our Lonavala visit. Here is the best place to adore the natural glory, and can meet and feed your forefathers, the point named as Monkey point. The entry fee of this garden is just 5 INR.

It was the best time, and the nature was playing hide and seek game. So the other side of the hill was completely invisible sometime, hiding all its waterfall and lusk green beauty. Other than this there are many nearby treks for trekkers. You can also enjoy during sunrise and sunset times. You can see many people watching the glory of the nature, from this hill, over looking this Mumbai-Pune expressway.

What to bring from Khandala:
You can't carry nature with you. But you can capture those moment. So from Khandala, you can have a different varieties of coconut, peanut, til, chikki, tasty powder etc. Nearby place, Lonavala is famous for Chikki. Beware of any artificial colors and flavours while purchasing it. You can always taste it before purchasing.

July 10, 2010

As everyone knows, During monsoon season, every place nearby (or within) Pune is like a bed of roses. So my monsoon express have a local stop this time, named Sarasbaug. Saras Baug lies at a distance of approximately 1 KM from Swargate, Pune. We followed the roads from Magarpatta, Hadapsar to Swargate, then to Sarasbaug.
The lush green lawns of the Baug, along with its blooming flowerbeds, attract tourists and devotees of Lord Ganesh from all nearby places. Outside the park, the environment is like a small fun fair, which include small fun rides, jumping, magic shows, and many more for chidren. There are many other juice corners, icecreams stalls, and fast food restaurants nearby to serve visitors and devotee's hunger.

Pune Saras Baug is also quite famous for the Ganapati temple (Shree Sidhivinayak Temple) situated inside its premises. At the entrance (there are two entry/exit points) of the sarasbaug, you can get worship stuff (garland, coconut, peanut, fresh flower, grass, holy thread bla bla...), to present the Lord Ganesh. The temple is perched on top of a small hillock and provides an amazing view of the surrounding areas (specially during monsoon). Most of the time, there is quite long queue, to have a glimpse of lord Ganesh from front side. There is a small museum, where some of the idols of Lord Ganesha are available for display.
The place where the park now stands was once occupied by a small lake. However, the lake got dried up and was later developed into the Saras Baug. Inside the lake, Now a days many fish can be seen. You can enjoy feeding them from very near as they move in the groups. In the garden (baug), you wouldn't find many (or sometime any stork) saras. If you are coming here thinking of that only, you would be disappointed.

The park is frequently accessed by joggers and walkers, in early morning as well as evening. There is no entry fee for this Sarasbaug (Stork garden in Pune) Saras Baug is quite popular as a picnic spot among families and can be easily reached by bikes or auto rickshaws. There is nearby 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler parking area.

There is a bridge to cross the road connected to the premises of Sarasbaug. From the top of this bridge, another beautiful Parvati Temple can be seen, which is just 4-5 KM away. The place is more crowded during Ganesh chaturthi and holy festivals at time to time.

Another family visit to Katraj - Snake Park, Katraj, Pune
Coming soon... Monsoon Express to Lonavala with family ...

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