October 2, 2013

Quote about the Post: "A world class immersive theme park where imagination and rides have no limits, and stories come alive" - Quote about ADLABS Imagica Theme Park near Khopoli off Mumbai-Pune Expressway by Sachin Kumar Gupta

It was Saturday morning when we started from Pune as per plan. Thanks to the team - Dnyaneshwar, Prem Kumar, Paresh, Vikram, and Vinod for organizing and making this successful. This world class theme park was inaugurated in April 2013. By next year there is plan for a hotel and water theme park to be up and running. Now a days, people are bored of walking to malls and routine markets, they need something different; this place certainly is a nice option. The theme park features, well planned 21 original attractions, including a ride based on the Bollywood film Mr. India, India's biggest roller coaster, and a 300-room hotel and water park.
Adlabs Imagica - Imagica Capital

Adlabs Imagica - India's biggest roller coaster
Adlabs Imagica is an alternative world, which celebrates unique way of storytelling. Adlabs Imagica is India’s first and only theme park of an international scale and standard in the sub continent, and is spread across 80 acres of land. Welcome to the world of Universal Studios and Disneyland of India. The centerpiece 'Imagica Capital' is replica of famous Disneyland within the park. If you have been to Universal Studios or Disneyland, you are bound to compare or correlate the attractions here. The theme park has a unique Indian flavor to it. Its rides are mostly inspired by Indian folk tales and its culture.

Adlabs Imagica Address: 30/31, Khopoli - Pali Road, Off Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Sangdewadi, Khopoli, Dist - Raigad, Maharashtra 410206
It attracts Mumbaikars, Puneites and people all around Maharashtra. Its popularity is increasing by leaps and bound across India and across the world. The theme park (D) is easily reachable from Mumbai (A), Thane, Navi Mumbai, Alibaugh (C), Khandala (E), Lonavala (F), Pune (G), and nearby places. [Check below map]

Zones and Attractions::: All different 6 zones (##) have unique concepts with attractions across the world map. I have mentioned below zones in the preferred order of visiting as per our group experience.

##Americana:: (Recommended for adrenaline ride lovers) 
*Nitro (Coming soon): [1] (India's biggest roller coaster) (When we were there testing was in progress)
*Scream Machine: [2] (Crazy Ride - a spinning pendulam) 
*Gold Rush Express: [3]
*D2 Dare Drop: [6]
Adlabs Imagica - D2 Dare Drop

Adlabs Imagica - Gold Rush Express

Adlabs Imagica - Scream Machine

Adlabs Imagica - Scream Machine
*The Magic Carousel:
*Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves): (A laser gun based shooting game)

*Curse of Salimgarh: (Haunted House)
*Wrath of the Gods: [8] (A theme based on ancient deities Jal, Vayu and Agni)
*Mr. India- The Ride: [1] (best attraction at Adlabs Imagica)
*I For India: [7] (Helicopter sightseeing for all major corners of India) (Prefer front row)

##Jambo Africa::
*Rajasaurus River Adventure: [4] (Meet the hungry dinosaurs)
*Mambo Chai Chama- Crazy Tea Cups:
Adlabs Imagica - Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

Adlabs Imagica - The Magic Carousel
*Cinema 360- Prince of the Dark Waters: [9] (A fairy tale for kids)
*Deep Space: [5]

##Viva Europa:: (Family Games - Most of the rides tickle to kids, and shorter version of above rides.)
*Splash Ahoy! [10]
*Bandits of Robin Hood:
*Loch Ness Expplorers:
*Save the Pirate:
*Tubbby Takes Off:
*Bump It Boats:
Adlabs Imagica - Curse of Salimgarh

Adlabs Imagica - Rajasaurus River Adventure
Review and Key Points about ADLABS Imagica: [Sep13]
I wouldn't explain about the ride which may diminish the joy and surprises you may experience, but will put some important points and my observation about this place.

* Top 10 (1-10 rankings) attractions mentioned above are must try rides and attractions.
* 2 days would be best to enjoy the park fullest, But major attractions (Top 10 mentioned above) can be covered in a single day, you have to plan correctly. Reach on time.
* Park Opening Timings: 11am to 9pm. All rides and attractions operate till 8pm only.
* Start your day with rides in Americana zone, then lunch, and rest theme based rides.
* There are height restrictions for all the rides, which are clearly mentioned. 
* Location is fantastic, surrounded by beautiful hills, and green valley during monsoon adds value to it.

* You will get most of the latest information at ADLABS imagica site.
* Check the ADLABS Imagica website for the latest prices, offers and discounts.
Weekday: Adults : INR 1200, Children INR 900 (All rides included).
Weekend: Adults: INR 1500, Children: INR 1200.
Imagica Express: (Only For Weekends, Special pass to avoid queues) Adults : INR 2200, Children : INR 1900
* If you are visiting the place during the weekend, prefer to take VIP Express tickets (VIP Pass) , that will give choice of seating and reduce your wait time.
* They also offer travel combo from major pickup points in Pune and Mumbai.
* 'Value for money', Target population is middle and upper middle class, who can afford. 

* I like the fact that they also offer strollers and wheelchairs for rental. Big thanks to the team for consideration. 
* Skip walking! Free shuttle service is available from one zone to another zone.
* At the entrance itself, there is an Information Centre & Guest Relations Counter. Don't forget to take a copy of 'ADLABS Imagica Guide'.
* There are Kiosks located conveniently in the Park which will provide a range of food and beverages.
* The theme park serve variety of food and cuisines from around the world - "Red Bonnet - American Diner", "The Imagica Capital", "ZEZE - Bar+Grill", "Roberto's - Food Coaster" and "Arrmada - Tapas Bar".
* You will be surprised to see a fascinating restaurant where food is served on a mini-roller-coaster.

* The place offers unique rides and places to visit for all ages and groups. 
* If you are looking for group bookings, minimum 50 people are required.
* If you are looking for birthday bookings, minimum 40 people are required.
* I recommend to bring cap, comfortable shoes for walking, sunscreen, sunglasses, and preferably a camera.
* If you don't hold a camera, there is staff carrying DSLR, who will click your pics and you can get them on CD while returning back near the entry/exit (Souvenir Shop).
* All in all it’s a fun place to roam with family and friends or take little kids in nice weather. [Best time to visit July - March]

* Enjoy the history and making of this park, At some of the theme based attractions.
* Shake hands and interact with Imagica characters up close and click photographs with them.
* I see kids like dancing with music around Pop Jets, the fountain zone with jets of water shooting out.
* Some outdoor rides wont work while it is raining, and it depends up-to that day.
* If it is high temperature during noon or monsoon rains, Utilize your time to indoor attractions.
* Currently I don't observe any wi-fi facility inside the park. But who cares, if you are coming to enjoy the day. 

This brings back to memory my trip to Universal Studios in Los Angles. These views captured during the day using my latest SLR. It is the ultimate destination for a great time with your family and friends. Thanks to the "Adlabs Entertainment Limited" team for bringing this unique theme park in India and they deserve all applauds. So, what are you waiting for! Get set and ready for lifetime riding experiences. Hope to visit again...


Radha P said...

Superb description, but you could have cut it shorter. Rides are amazing, will visit soon.

sachinkgupta said...

Thanks Radha. I tried to give important info which one should keep in mind/know before visiting ADLABS IMAGICA. There is so much to write about this place. If you see, I didn't explained much about the rides, else some of these may lose the charm.

Ajith said...

This is really an awesome place near Mumbai. I have visited this 3 times so far.

Sharad K said...

Just loved this place. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics and information about Imagica. Good Job.

Avdhesh said...

Very nice and helpful site, It gives a lot information. Thanks for sharing important places to visit near Mumbai and Pune.

Anonymous said...

i am going for 2 days. what about the stay? any room facility?

aaronnssd said...

Thanks for sharing this article here about the ADLABS Imagica Theme Park. Really I agree with you, ADLABS Imagica is the Best theme park in Pune for entertainment. Keep sharing this type of articles here.

p s m said...

I have been to Adlabs Imagica 2-3 times
It is really a great place to enjoy the rides in Maharashtra and India
Great photography

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