December 4, 2012

Every ... 

Everytime I watch the sun-rise,
I love to share the view with you.
Everytime I walk barefoot at sea-side,
I wish to explore the ocean with you.

Every sky you touch, I will be the wings to fly.
Every day and night I am with you.
Every prayer you have, I am the answer for you.
Every path you go, I will shadow you.

Everytime I look at the starry night,
I yearn you to hug me tight.
Every dream you see, I will bloom in that secret garden.
Every wish you have, I will make it true.

Everytime I think of you,
I can feel the warmth in the air.
Every smile you make, I cherish everywhere.
Every single word you say, I am listening you dear.

Everytime, your angel lips on mine,
It surely feels lovely and divine.
Everytime you kissed me, I felt your heart-beat close to mine.
Everytime you held me, the sun rose in your eyes.
Everytime your arms are open wide,
I will hug you tight.
Everytime you desire a hug,
I will embrace you right.

Everytime you sleep in the night,
I will be your lover.
Every moment that was lonely, will now be filled with pleasure.
Every moment, which was cold, is now warm beyond measure.

Everytime we go out, we do something amazing.
You are in my chocolates and creams, in my secret treasures and hidden dreams.
Everytime you loved me, my soul was born fresh.
Every moment in time with you, We are in heaven.

I will always be with you.

- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

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Anonymous said...

every lovely lines ...

Rohit P said...

Good poem one after another.

Rajat said...

evry line of the poem is meaningful and nicely written.


Rekha said...

I read some of your poems, really nice ones. Good blog.

shubhi said...

Nyc lines bhaiya....

Jitendra said...

After a long time, read nice poem on a site. Very well written. I don't see new latest poems now a days, are you still writing?

sachinkgupta said...

Yes Jitendra, I am still writing, but frequency got reduced :) got engaged too much in work as well. :) Keep enjoying..

Melba Hughes said...

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