January 4, 2009

Ruins of Salamis (Salamis Ruins) is situated alongside the sandy beach. Salamis was known as the important ancient city in NC and famous for its ruins. It was ruined due to raids, earthquakes, and tidal waves.
You need plenty of time to visit it because it is approx 1 Km long site to see. The crowd was enjoying here and came for the picnic (As we saw near the car parking area). When I visited NC first time, we were late. So just taken some snaps from outside and enjoyed near the promenade (pier) area. I think last entry timing is 4 pm approx.
You can watch out - the amphitheater, the Gymnasium, mosaics, the Roman baths, ruined pillars, inside it. The amphitheater is sometimes used as a living venue for theater and concerts to show north Cyprus tradition. Have a hat/cap to cover the head during summer season.
Salamis is an easily reachable destination from all parts of NC - Kyrenia, Famagusta, or Iskele, and famous among the tourists here.Wanna to have a look to other places in North Cyprus.


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