May 11, 2014

Quote of the Post: "Trip to Tarkarli is not complete without visiting Sindhudurg Fort and deep dive in the sea. " - Quote about 'Tarkarli' in Malvan, Maharashtra - Sachin Kumar Gupta

It was a nice trip to remember with Meenal, Pooja and Pankaj. We saw many bikers and groups travelling to Goa and other travel destinations over the long weekend. We travelled Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid - Murud - ShrivardhanHarihareshwar - Harnai - Dapoli - Velneshwar - Jaigad - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri, and now was the time to move to the next destination --- Tarkarli in Sindhudurg district.

Tarkarli: If you are coming from Pune or Mumbai, you have to reach Kankavli. Below map will help you reaching from Mumbai and Pune. 
Mumbai - Pune - Satara - Kolhapur - Radhanagari - Phonda - Kankavali - Kasal - (Malvan - Kasal Road) - Tarkarli Road - Turn to Tarkarli Beach.

Tarkarli - Rock Garden - Chiwla - Malvan Map
We paused at a bridge near Phonda, where many birds were flocking together. It was nice photography point to stop by. As soon as we reached Tarkarli, Kingfisher bird welcomed us, and let me click some photographs quickly.

Things to do at Tarkarli, Malvan: Magnificent Tarkarli is well known for its natural beauty, and there are many prime places to visit in and around Tarkarli that attracts visitors:
Here, It is an experience to see the auction of fish catch in the evening when all the trawlers return after day’s fishing. The catch is then sold to the highest bidder. You will love to see many colorful fish. 
Devbag Sangam - 06 KM
Rock Garden, Malvan - 06 KM
Chiwala Beach - 07 KM
Kunkeshwar Temple - 40 KM
Goa - 75 KM

Tarkarli Beach: On a fairly sunny day, one can see the sea-bed up to a depth of 20 feet, This place has gained prominence because of its transparently clear seas. At Tarkarli beach, we also saw some sea-birds flocking around. We found the birds flying at the seashores at many places at Tarkarli. There are newly built M.T.D.C. cottages with accommodation and recreation facilities nearby, which you'll have to book well in advance. Now a days, MTDC also has luxury houseboat facility available at Tarkarli. There are 2 famous houseboats, named- Hiranyakeshi (a deluxe houseboat) and Karli (a standard houseboat). We will plan for the same sometime later in Jan or Feb.  

Sunset at Rock Garden: This is no doubt to enjoy the sunset at Rock Garden point, if you are at Tarkarli. The Rock garden is situated near the Arase Mahal and on the Rocky Shore of Malvan. As soon as sun goes down, you will see the crowd increasing to enjoy the sunset glimpse. Many couples pick-up their rock stones to enjoy their loving moments. There is also a toy train, which runs till 7 pm. It is kind of 16 seaters which takes small round charging 10 INR per person. 

Chiwla Beach (Chivla Beach): If you really want to enjoy more cleaner beach, move Chiwla beach, which is just 1 KM away from Rock Garden. You will feel like being at cleaner Marine Drive of Mumbai. There are many cone shaped stones are being placed at the beach side for longer stretch. Sea and sand blending in enchanting natural harmony, gracefully cruising boats in calm and cool waters add to the beauty of this beach. 

The best time to visit Tarkarli is Dec and Jan, Though it is magnificent most of the months other than monsoon season. It is also a seafood lovers place. Coconut, Rice and Fish assume prime significance in the Malavani cuisine. Seafood containing fish, especially Bangada (Soloman) Paplet (Pomfret), Prawns, Bombil (Bombay Duck) and Tisrya (Mussels) is very popular. Sol Kadhi (A preparation made of Sol (Kokum) and coconut milk) is famous drink, We enjoyed it many times. Varieties of Alphonso Mango (Hapus Aam) are particularly popular here. We took approx 2 boxes (5 KG) of Hapus mangoes in quite reasonable rates while returning back to Pune. 
Quote of the Post: "Friends Together..Check! Lovely Drive..Check! Awesome Beaches..Check! Tasty Food..Check! Fun filled trip..Check! Rejuvenated..Check! - What else can u ask for!!!" - Quote about 'Devbag' in Malvan, Maharashtra - Sachin Kumar Gupta 

In our endeavor to explore the coastal belt of Arabian Sea, We travelled Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid - Murud - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar - Harnai - Dapoli - Velneshwar - Jaigad - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri, and now was the time to move to the next destination --- Devbag (Devbaug) in Sindhudurg district.

Tip: If you are planning to visit Tarkarli or Malvan, Book hotel at Devbag area, you will feel like enjoying private beach. Much awaited trip to Tarkarli, finally came our way and here we scoot for our weekend get-away. After much of hastles and multiple discussions, we finalized our stay at 'Sea Pearl Beach Resort' at Devbag, which is considered to be one of best region in Malvan (Dist. Sindhudurg). 

Don't confuse with Devbagh in Karnataka. If you are coming from Pune or Mumbai, you have to reach Kanakavli (Pronounced as Kan-Kavli). Below map shows the route to Devbag from Mumbai and Pune. 
Mumbai - Pune - Satara - Kolhapur - Radhanagari - Phonda - Kankavali - Kasal - (Malvan - Kasal Road) - Turn to Tarkarli - Devbag Mobar Road. 

Devbag - Malvan Map
Devbag Mobar Sangam: This famous place is surrounded by water mostly and is at the confluence of river Karli and Arabian Sea. While driving from Tarkarli, you will enjoy the beautiful scenary of Arabian sea at one side, while tranquil backwaters of Karli river at the other side. It was just 5 minutes drive from our hotel, however we chose to explore this place on foot. Some of the major points can be easily seen from here. 

Mobareshwar Temple: This small temple is located at the tip of this Sangam. There is a boating point nearby named - Mobareshwar Boating Centre. You can book the boat and traverse multiple points with 6-8 people. To your luxury, Houseboats are also available in backwaters! There are so many colorful boats, your eyes will simply love those, and capture the moments. 

The same place is also the origin for the outset of boat rides covering below places. 
1. Sangam Point 
2. Island Bed (Seagull Island) 
3. Tsunami Bed: You can enjoy many water sports here.  
4. Bhogwe Beach [700 INR for 1-4 points]
5. Dolphin Point --- Must see, if you are getting up early in the morning.
6. Sea Travel [1000 INR for 1-6 points]
7. Nivati Beach 
8. Nivati Fort [1700 INR for 1-8 points]
9. Lighthouse [3500 INR for 1-9 points]

Sunrise and Sunset at Devbag Beach: It was a treat to adore magnificient sunrise from the Karli river and eye-catching sunset at Arabian sea. Fishermen carrying their traditional boats & nets daily into the sea, is an interesting feature to watch on this beach. The first morning, we saw many colorful fishes and crabs being captured in the nets by local fishermen. Next day, I wokeup early in the morning and captured many pics with Sun rising from the horizon. Some sunrise pics taken from the hotel top. Evening was funfilled with tea/snakcs at beachside of the hotel, and later beach bath and sunset. We spend some time together in beach-swing. 

Devbag is an ideal spot for refreshing the mind and soul. The best time to visit Devbag is Dec and Jan, Though it is magnificent most of the months other than monsoon season. Magnificent Devbag is well known for its natural beauty, and there are many prime places to visit in and around Devbag that attracts visitors: 

Chiwala Beach - 12 KM
Rock Garden, Malvan - 11 KM
Kunkeshwar Temple - 45 KM
Goa - 80 KM
Ratnagiri - 150 KM
Quote of the Post: "Trip to Tarkarli is not complete without visiting Sindhudurg Fort and deep dive into the sea. " - Quote about 'Tarkarli' in Malvan, Maharashtra - Sachin Kumar Gupta
Tip: If you are planning to visit Tarkarli for Scuba diving, avoid visiting during monsoon, as you wouldn't be able to visit Sindhudurg Fort and can't do water activities - scuba and snorkling. If you are coming from Pune or Mumbai, you have to reach Kankavli. Below map will help you reaching from Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai - Pune - Satara - Kolhapur - Radhanagari - Phonda - Kankavali - Kasal - (Malvan - Kasal Road) - Sindhudurg Killa (Fort) route by market - Kurte Island by Boat.

Sindhudurg Fort at Kurte Island
Whenever I hear the name - 'Tarkarli', scuba diving picture comes into the mind. For adventure water sports lovers, snorkeling and scuba diving facilities are available at Tarkarli. In India there are a very few places where scuba diving can be done and Malvan is one of them. Due to its relatively clear sea water, Malvan serves as a perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling with surface oxygen supply. Near the outer walls of Sindhudurg fort one can see lots of live corals and colorful marine life under the sea. 
For me it was my third undersea experience - First undersea walk at Cyprus from sea-shore, Second undersea walk from the boat-ladder at Coral Island, Pattaya. This time, It was totally different experience as we did scuba diving with cylinder, and closer to Sindhudurg Fort. This is being organized by 'Om Shiv Moreshwar Scuba and Snorkeling Centre, Malvan'. They offer different services at different rates per person:
Scuba Diving with Cylinder - 3500 INR per person
Scuba Diving - 1500 INR per person
Boating Suffer - 500 INR per person
Snorkeling - 400 INR per person
Dolphin Suffer - 300 INR per person
Boating - 200 INR per person
Sindhudurg Fort  - 50 INR per person

The full package can be combined with Sidhudurg Fort visit. They also provide photography and videography for snorkeling and scuba diving for additional 100-200 INR. Try to bargain as much as you can. A boat took us to the place from Malvan pier. For novice, well-trained snorkeling coaches, guide on snorkeling and ensure safety. They ensure that one can have the first & finest ever experience of marine life. They also provide life jacket, snorkel, face mask, stretchable dress, cylinder and other stuff as per picked service. 

You will also be amazed to know that you can purchase tea, coffee, snacks while on-board at boat...from another boat! This can happen only in India. For snorkeling, they give 10 minutes of training and 20 minutes of sea-world experience with 20-30 feet depth. Whereas for scuba diving, They give 15 minutes of training and 25-30 minutes of sea-world experience with 40-60 feet depth. The overall time taken depends on waiting time, and size of your group. Meenal and I went for scuba diving with cylinder together. 

Sindhudurg Fort at Kurte Island: Sindhudurg Fort (Fort in the sea) lies on a rocky island (Kurte) just off the coast of Malvan. Sindhudurg fort, built in the 16th century by Shivaji, is the only fort which has Shivaji temple inside the fort and palm imprint of King Shivaji. Sindhudurg was built with the help of huge rocks on the ‘Kurte' island, which amazes people. One of the best preserved forts of the Marathas, the 48 acre Sindhudurg fort has a four kms long zigzag line of 9 meters high and 3 meters wide rampart with 42 bastions. Three sweet-water wells are present on Sindhudurg Fort. While just roaming at the circumference of the fort, we enjoyed splash of sea-waves going higher than sea-walls and talking to them. 

How to get inside the fort: The fort is approachable from the Malvan pier by a boat. The boat was swinging on the tides and moving towards the main gate. You may take a guided tour of the place. The design of main door is an enigma. The technique was so deceptive for the enemy that they could not even realize where the entrance was due to blind curves. Zigzag pattern of outer wall was built in such a way that the enemy would be visible from any point inside the fort. During monsoon, Fort is mostly cut off and no water activity like scuba and snorkling happens. 
Things to see inside the Fort:
Shivaji’s palm and footprints
Shivrajeshwar Temple
Climb at the fort top and enjoy the 360 degree views
Talk to Sparkling sea-waves near fort edges

March 30, 2014

We have traveled many places across Konkan in Maharashtra - Arabian Sea cost from Mumbai to Goa -
Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid and Murud - Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar - Harnai - Dapoli - Velneshwar - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri - Goa.
After exploring some of the fascinating places in Ratnagiri, Ganpatipule and Velneshwar, we visited Karneshwar temple in Sangmeshwar, on our way back to Pune. 

We took our lunch at Sangmeshwar while returning back from Ganpatipule. Sangameshwar is also a base point to visit Marleshwar Shiva Temple, a cave temple located at 17 kms from Devrukh and 44 kms from Sangameshwar Station. This railway station is also on Mumbai - Ratnagiri train track. Sangameshwar is connected to Mumbai by train also. Many travellers club these temples - Karneshwar Temple and Marleshwar Temple, while visiting from nearby places.

Sangameshwar is a taluka in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The meaning of Sangama in Marathi is 'confluence', and so the name "Sangmeshwar". In Sangmeshwar the two rivers Sonavi and Shastri flow together. As far as history is concerned, this is the place where Sambhaji Raje, son of Chhtrapati Shivaji was captured by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Sambhaji was tortured and executed in Tulapur.

Karneshwar Temple, Kasaba, Sangameshwar
Sangameshwar is a coastal hamlet on NH-17. Above map will help you to reach there. This was not in our plan. But while coming back from Ganpatipule to Pune, we decided to visit this place. Karneshwar temple is 1600 years old Lord Shiva temple at 4 kms from Sangameshwar. It can be reached following a narrow street off the NH-17 road approx 1 KM. You can reach this place asking about Kasaba.

Address: Kasaba, Sangameshwar, Maharashtra
This was approx the end point of the road, where you can see some vehicles. It seems there is no designated parking area. Inside the temple premise huge trees shadow the temple from all sides. The statues and carvings of Hindu Deities can be seen on the temple walls.  The Shiv Temple is location at the center of the premises. An idol of Karna is located near the entrance of the temple. We got amazed to see this olden-golden temple. The place is full of visitors during weekends and Mondays (Shiv worship day).

We were just roaming around this temple, when we met the priest got him to narrate a few stories related to the place. As per our discussion with priest, once upon a time, there were more than 300 temples in this taluka, and this temple was build by "The Pandavas". It was named after 'Karna' the sixth son of Kunti as per Mahabharat epic.

Nivali Waterfall: A Seasonal waterfall on Mumbai - Goa Coastal highway at Nivali and popular stopover for guests travelling on the highway during monsoon season. 

February 16, 2014

Quote of the Post: "If you are crazy sea side lover then Velneshwar is the destination. It has all that you can expect, the views will take you to heaven with shimmering water, coconut trees swaying madly in the breeze on the bank of the sun kissed beaches." - Quote about 'Velneshwar' by Sachin Kumar Gupta 

If you are looking to enjoy best sea views in Konkan area, you've reached the right place. It is highly recommended to follow below map for best time utilization and for viewing most amazing sea-side views of Konkan. Just keep following seaside roads. The narrow winding roads show you the glimpses of what is in store at the end of the journey. 

Velneshwar - Konkan Map
We have traveled many places across west-side of India - Arabian Sea cost from Mumbai to Goa: Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid - Murud - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar - Harnai - DapoliNow it was time to explore Velneshwar - Jaigad - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri range. After visiting some of the fascinating places in Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule, We started for Velneshwar next morning following Jaigad - Tasval Ferry Boat route. 

Jaigad fort is approx 15 kms further ahead of Ganpatipule. We couldn't visit the fort as we had to reach Velneshwar, so we took ferry route further. 

Jaigad - Tasval Ferry Boat: It is a short 15 minutes journey. The ferry also carry 6-10 four wheeler along-with some 2-wheeler. If you are coming from Ganpatipule, a ferry across the Jaigad creek gets you to Tavsal from where you could visit Hedvi and Velneshwar. This ferry journey gives a feel of Kerela region at times. 

On the way to Velneshwar, Our driver stopped at Hedvi. There is a famous temple of Dashbhuj Laxmi Ganesh Prasanna. This Laxmi Ganesh Temple is not only ancient but also rare. The 3 feet high idol is carved in white stone with ten hands, hence the name 'Dashabhuja Ganapati'. A grand ceremony along with a grand procession held between Shukla Chaturthi to Shashthi in Magh (Hindi month) every year to celebrate the birth of Ganpati. We spent 15-20 minutes at this place and was quite pleasant. 

Velneshwar - Shree Dev Maha Vishnu Devshthan: We kept following the mesmerizing seaside route of Arabian sea views, and reached Velneshwar. We parked ourselves at the temple of Shree Dev Maha Vishnu. The temple is quite colorful, you will love to see this. There is a "well" inside the temple, where one can try drawing some water. The whole temple area is surrounded by walls and coconut trees shadowing in the back. There is an old Shiva temple near Velneshwar which is frequently visited by pilgrims.  

After visiting the temple, we had our much needed tea for the day near sea-side. Its adjoining beach is calm, clean and is ornamented with a row of coconut trees at its beach side. It is possible to swim there as the beach is free from rocks. A small stretch of beach with very few tourists at Velneshwar, is the beach destination in Konkan that you need to head to if you are looking for some time away from everything.

Sunset at Velneshwar: There are quite different rocks if you just walk 200 meters beach-side, this could be an unique place to enjoy sunset. We stayed at this place for long and had my tripod installed first time. We took some wonderful sunset snaps.

A small cove with a pristine stretch of soft white sand beach laced with lush green coconut trees, Velneshwar is yet to feature in the tourist map of Maharashtra. Velneshwar is just emerging as promising tourist destination in the long stretch of Konkan beaches. 
Enjoy other nearby places in Konkan Maharashtra: RatnagiriGanpatipule, DapoliHarihareshwarShrivardhan.

February 15, 2014

Quote of the Post: "The beautiful beach alongwith famous Ganpati temple and the tiny hamlet kissing seaside, add to the picturesque beauty of Ganpatipule." - Quote about 'Ganpatipule' by Sachin Kumar Gupta

We have traveled many places across westside of India - Arabian Sea cost from Mumbai to Goa: Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid - Murud - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar - Harnai - Dapoli. Now it was time to explore further, Velneshwar - Jaigad - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri

After visiting some of the fascinating places in Ratnagiri, We reached Ganpatipule following Aare Ware seaside views route. This was our base place to stay throughout weekend trip and recommend to book the hotel in advance. It is highly recommended to follow below path to enjoy most amazing sea-side views of Konkan.

Ganpatipule Konkan Map
Tasval - Jaigad Ferry Boat: If you are coming from Velneshwar, A ferry across the Tasval creek gets you to Jaigad from where you could visit Ganpatipule. While on ferry you may feel like you are in Kerala at some places. It is nice to enjoy this ferry ride. 

Ganapatipule is laced with the evergreen ranges of Sahyadri and an endless stretch of unpolluted silver sand, lined with innumerable trees of mango, cashew, coconut and casurinas at the coastal side of Konkan. This holy place of Lord Ganpati - Ganapatipule derived its name from “Ganapati" or the Lord of Ganas (army) and Pule (sand dune). This place has gained prominence because of its famous Ganpati temple and it is a tourist destination and offers an attractive beach.

MTDC Resort Ganpatipule: We just loved the food here. Whenever we felt hungry, we visited this place. Must say, the best tea of Ganapatipule is available here. We stayed at "Hotel Shree Ganesh Krupa" for 2 days during our visit. 

The narrow streets of Ganpatipule lined with Konkani style cottage, with sloping red-tile roofs immediately transport you to another time. This place is developed and managed in a one-way route so that there shouldn't be any problem of traffic jam like in any other part of India.

Temple: The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, on the Ganapatipule beach in itself is the primary attraction in Ganapatipule. At the entrance of the temple, there is "Make a wish mouse", you can whisper in the ears and make a wish. There is also a parikarma marg, which devotees use to take a round around the hill. 

Beach: Ganpatipule beach is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra, which is 25 kms from Ratnagiri. It is all a breath-taking view! Ganpatipule beach has a picnic vibe about it with numerous chat stalls, camel rides and horse carts near the beach. One can walk long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters and water sports. There are also options like camel ride and horse ride at the beach. We also enjoyed this place a lot. It was amazing to see many flying birds to play with waves.

Next day we visited another less traveled road to Velneshwar

Prachin Konkan Museum: One the last day while returing back to Pune, We visited this place. It is approx 1 KM from Ganpatipule temple area named "Manewadi". Ask locals about this place, if your driver is new to this area. Prachin Konkan, is the brain child of Mr. Sardesai. A guided tour walked us through various aspects of life in Konkan in the yester years.  It has many things to explore, which depict life in past in Konkan. Guide informed about Konkan's society-structure, occupation, custom, tradition and history in last 500 years. For different exhibitions they charge differently. There are additional charges for camera though charges are quite normal. Some of the attractions in this Prachin Konkan Museum are:

Konkankanya small toy train engine at the entrace near ticket window. 
Nakshatra Garden: There is a small garden with trees worshiped depending on a persons sunsign in the garden.
Prachin Konkani Gram Jeevan
Hastkala Vikri Kendra (Handcraft Selling Point): The costs of the items are quite reasonable.
Sea Fort Exhibition
Bird Watching

Sea Fish Exhibition: We also get to see India's biggest conch (Shankh). It was unique to watch and adore for every visitor. They have different kind of conches (Shankh) found in the sea. We shop some of the unique conch made items. 

Enjoy other nearby places in Konkan: Ratnagiri, Velneshwar, Dapoli, Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan.

February 14, 2014

Quote of the Post: "A paradise that offers numerous sightseeing options which are mix of natural beauty, beaches, art, cultures, and history in Konkan." - Quote about 'Ratnagiri' in Konkan, Maharashtra - Sachin Kumar Gupta

In our endeavor to explore the coastal belt of Arabian Sea, we traveled Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid - Murud - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar - Harnai - Dapoli, and now was the time to move to the next destination:
Velneshwar - Jaigad - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri. 

While coming from Pune, we first reached Ratnagiri, which is in between Raigad and Sindhudurg district. This region is considered to be one of best region in Konkan. Ratnagiri is well connected by road and railways, and also has a small sea port. It is highly recommended to follow below path to enjoy most amazing sea-side views of Konkan.

Ratnagiri - Konkan Map
You can explore the landscape, art, culture and history of this magnificent land. Ratnagiri is well known for its natural beauty, and there are many places to visit in and near Ratnagiri that attracts visitors, Some prime attaractions in Ratnagiri:

Velas Beach
Bhatye Beach: For Indian Chat Lovers.
Madavi beach: This is a black sand beach. 

Thiba (Thibaw) Palace:
Ratnagiri has a palace named Thiba, where the last king and queen of Burma (Myanmar) stay in exile. This palace has their tombs and now converted into a regional museum. We were fortunate to reach the place during their Annual 3-day festival, which had series of events including Art Exhibitions, Cultural Performances by well-known celebrities and local students. I must mention, every piece of art work exhibited here was a masterpiece in itself and we were surprised to know that these were painted by students from Class V to X. The very next day, event was around the flute performance by Pandit HariPrasad Chourasia. There is scenic Thibaw Point, where you can enjoy Sunset, But I will recommend to watch sunset at Aare beach. [See image below] 

Some of the famous Indians were born in Ratnagiri. One of them is Lokmanya Tilak, an active leader in India's freedom movement. We also get the chance to visit Lokmanya (Bal Gangadhar) Tilak Smarak, and his birthplace. The house has been preserved as it is. After a long time we walked barefoot on the cowdung smeared natural flooring. Some of his personal belongings are also on display within the museum. It is sad that, many localites don't even know this place, though it's at the heart of the town. 

Ratna Durga Fort: Ratnadurga is the primary attraction of Ratnagiri apart from the beaches. The fort has the shape of a horseshoe, with a length of 1.3 KM and a width of 1 KM; with its walls standing against the vast sea on three sides, fourth being connected to land. The place is a treat to photographers, every step forward shows a different, unique, soothing and a wonderful view. We spent about an hour here, and viewed all four sides of this fort from its circumference. On one of the sea-facing sides, part of the cliff has collapsed which leads to a cave. One of the fort's bastions, the 'Siddha Buruj', still has a lighthouse. A picturesque temple of The Goddess Bhagwati is one of the important places of worship in the area of the fort. A well near the temple has steps leading down. One small temple of Hanumanji is at the entrance of the fort. After crossing the first entrance gate there is a door with ancient structure. We have to cross both of these gates while coming from the city of Ratnagiri. From the door itself we could view the entire area of the fort. At the upper fort, on the left hand side we have one Lord Ganesh deity and a deity of Hanumanji on right side. In front of this there is a beautiful temple of Goddess Bhagawati. Due to this Goddess, the fort is also named as “Bhagawati Durga”. Many localities visit this place frequently, and named it as "Bhagwati Killa". Some of the photos of this post could have been greener, had it been the monsoon season.

Nivali Waterfall: This can only be seen during monsoon season. Good luck next time. It is located between the beautiful valleys of Nivali ghats.

Jaigad: Jaigad fort is located on a cliff at the entrance of the Sangameshwar river. We couldn't visit this place, but we had Jaigad - Tasval Ferry Boat to reach Velneshwar. The jetty offers a short trip and splendid views of the sea. At some places, you may feel like you are in Kerala.

Aare Ware Beach:
The views across seaside is amazing, and you will love the drive following the sea all the times. This route is highly recommended. Seaside Ratnagiri - Ganpatipule route passes through the twin beaches of Aare and Waare and the Aare sunset point. It is the best place to enjoy splendid sunsets, pulsating palms and wonderful waves in Ratnagiri ranges. We followed the same majestic views alongwith sunset at Aare, and reached Ganpatipule. Many celebrities own land properties near to this beach. Certainly this beach will be a star attraction for tourist in near future.

Adventurous travelers, holiday makers and nature lovers are drawn to this beautiful paradise. Ratnagiri district is a paradise in India.

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