July 21, 2012

As per our plan to cover nearby places of Shirur, we moved to famous Ramling temple in old Shirur, after worshiping Mahaganpati at Ranjangaon.

Pune - Lonikand - Koregaon Bhima - "Sanaswadi" - Shikrapur - "Ranjangaon" - Shirur - "Ramling" Old Shirur 

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Ramling (Old Shirur):

Ramling is a village 3 kms distant, on the way to Pabal. Famous for Ramling (Shiv) Temple, it is an ideal place for weekend pilgrimage. It is believed that Lord Rama built this Shivling here while he was in exile. Many people gather here for the holy festival of Mahashivratri. Main shivling is downstairs inside the temple. 

For people who would like to pay regards along with holy offerings, can purchase it at the temple entrance. Fortunately, photography is allowed inside this temple. Lit with beautiful 'diyas' inside the place was serene and beautiful. The temple structure is quite colorful and as neat as ninepence. There is a small Ramling garden as well, that is well maintained. There was a marriage ceremony being performed in the temple premises. Guess, this place/premises is a primary option with villagers for various functions or rituals. Food place is named as "Matoshri Madanbai Manikchandji Dhariwal - Bhojanalaya". 

After that we stopped for sometime near the Ghodnadi bridgeSome old temples can be seen from this bridge. There were visible potholes filled with water in the Ghod river. We took some photographs at this place and biked towards "potholes near Takli Haji".


Rajesh Pawar said...

I have been to Mahaganpati at Ranjangaon.
I don't know about this temple.
Seems pretty good and clean, Thanks for sharing.


Swami said...

Good to see once, If you have nothing else to see.

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