January 13, 2013

After Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar trip, we moved to Harnai, and came to know about the quick boat-trip crossing the river that lessened our journey by 1 hour.

Bagmandala to Veshvi Boat Trip:
Just 4 km away from Harehareshwar we also opted for this boat trip. There are regular ferries from Bagmandala which will take you across the river in less than 15 minutes along with your vehicle. Ferry runs everyday, 6 am to 8 pm, and on special need post 10 PM. We reached just on time and could board a ferry in just 10 mins, without waiting. This was an amazing experience with very low rates. 

The sea waves were glittering with the reflection of stars. The sea appeared ready to be painted again by the sun at dawn. We couldn't click more pics, as it was getting darker and darker. Once you reach Veshvi, you have options to explore Bankot fort and Velas beachSearch of hotel for night stay was thrilling and hilarious in itself, as we took some wrong turn. :P Finally we took a breath and stayed at sea facing, "Ocean Palace" near Harnai Beach.

Harnai can be reached from Mumbai, Pune or nearby areas following below route:

Harnai Beach, Village and Forts
Harnai Fishing village with Beach, Port and Forts:
Morning view from our room left us speechless. Kanakdurg fort with a lighthouse standing proudly in midst of the ocean with fishing village adding to the beauty! Harnai is very good place for tourist, most tourist come only for boating & seeing dolphin. This village is mainly a fishing port for seafood lovers which becomes live during evening Harnai Fish market. Watching the life at this fishing hamlet is a great experience in itself, you may have to bear with fish smell all around. Fishermen brings their catch and sell it on the beach during Fish auction at the evening.

The adventure doesn't start at the beach actually, one has the option of trekking down the lovely Harnai port, Harnai lighthouse, and Kanakdurg FortWe also explored nearby Kanakdurg Fort with the wonderful views of the village and Harnai port with colorful boats. There are steps to reach to the top of the fort and reach the old lighthouse point. Just behind the lighthouse we stopped for a while, this is the best point to enjoy sunrise and sunset. Don't be surprise, if you see the fish all around the fort walls, spread for drying.

Harnai houses four forts - Suvarnadurg, Kanakdurg, Goa Fort and Fategad. Fishermen colony situated on Fategad can be seen from Harnai lighthouse. Adventurers can even take a small boat to the other side of the port and explore another sea-fort "Suvarnadurg Fort". Goa fort lies on the way of Harnai harbor. It can be identified by its huge black stoned wall. All in all, each of these places are worth a visit! We moved to explore Palande, Murud and Karde beach in Dapoli.


Anonymous said...

wow, so many fish.

Paras said...

Can you tell me the which hotel you stay in Harnai Beach at night.

Unknown said...

can you give contact details of Ocean palace

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