September 27, 2013

Quote of the Post: "After watching Thoseghar waterfall, you are tuned to attract towards it." - Quote about Thoseghar Waterfall near Satara by Sachin Kumar Gupta

You say the word 'waterfall' and the image of huge water body dropping from a high cliff in midst of a green valley, comes to the mind. If you are searching for Thoseghar waterfall, you are at the right place. You definitely should visit Thoseghar to admire the masterpiece created by God with various shades of white, green and golden color. A few other famous waterfalls in Maharashtra, in addition to Thoseghar are Dudhsagar, Lingmala, Dhobi and Chinaman's waterfall. 

We saw many windmills on our way while coming from Pune. If you have some time, Take a side trip to the nearby windmills farm at ChalkewadiThe scenic Thoseghar waterfall is one of Maharashtra's tallest waterfall. Its height is around 500 meters; which makes Thoseghar even special. Thousands of waterfall lovers come from all over Maharashtra to visit this place, especially during the rainy season. The best time to visit Thoseghar waterfall is July to October (or November) depends on rainfall.

You can experience nice views of waterfall flowing from the cliff during the entire rainy season. There are a series of waterfalls, some of them ranging 15 to 50 meters and tallest one of 500 meters in height, in the valley. This place is full of natural beauty and has a pleasant climate. To experience this you need to visit Thoseghar Waterfall in the rainy season. Thoseghar Waterfall is just 25 km from the city of Satara, Maharashtra. It is situated near the Sahyadri hill, at the edge of the Konkan region and 40 km away from famous Kaas plateau (Kaas flower valley). Below map will help you to reach Thoseghar waterfall (E) from Satara (F), and nearby places - Mumbai (A), Pune (B), Panchgani (C), Mahabaleshwar (D) or Solapur (G).

Thoseghar Waterfall from nearby Places
Entry Fee: INR 10 person and INR 10 additional for the camera. 

There are 2 major points marked as Chota Dhabdhaba (small waterfall), and Bada Dhabdhaba (big waterfall). To reach all these place, proper directions with good stairs and instructions are given. The area is quite serene and tranquil, with a clean lake located between the dark woods. One can pay visit to the vistas of Bada Dhabdhaba (big waterfall) and eye-soothing green valley. There is a picnic area and a newly constructed platform which gives a good view of the waterfall. This place was full of visitors busy adoring the view of the waterfall.

At Chota Dhabdhaba you can see waterfall originating point, which is an easily accessible water stream and it's quite safe to get into it. We stayed here for 30-40 mins only, because of time constraint, else we wouldn't have moved from here for at least a couple of hours. We had to head for our next destination - the Kaas Flower Valley.

After coming out of the premises, we had tea and some snacks just near the parking area. There are a few restaurants nearby where you can find vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. This is a popular picnic spot located in the Satara District. There are many attractions like boating at Tapola and Kaas Plateau which attract many tourists not only from India but from around world.

Other nearby places to visit:

Boating at Tapola - 'The Mini Kashmir' of Maharashtra.


Manoj said...

nice place to visit near Satara. thanks for details and photographs r good 2

sheetal m said...

Helpful helpful. I will be visiting the places near Satara this weekend and will definitely visit this waterfall. What all places I can visit near Satara in two days to utilize it fully? Quick response will really be helpful as I m planning for this weekend only.

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