August 2, 2012

After trek to Bhaja caves, we continued to trek to Lohagad - The Iron FortOne can reach the foothill of the fort by walk approx 3 hours from Bhaje village to Lohagadwadi village. If you are coming by road from Pune, you have to follow below route:
Pune - NH4 - Khamshet - Lonavala - Lohagadwadi village
If you are travelling by road from Mumbai, you have to follow below route:
Mumbai - Navi Mumbai - Follow Pune Mumbai expressway - Khandala - Lonavala - Lohagadwadi village

Lohagad Fort Map
Train transport is cheaper either coming from Pune or Mumbai. Pune to Lonavala local train time table can be checked hereLonavala to Pune local train time table can be checked hereIf you are not interested in trek, you can take the cab 50 INR per person from Lonavala and reach the base village of Lohagad Fort. In that case you just have to climb approximately 500 steps. 

Though the trek from Bhaje village to Visapur and Lohagad fort is famous among tourists and trekkers prefer monsoon season for reaching the heights. We found many groups trekking on the same route. Being Saturday, it was fully crowded. The same trek can be enjoyed in summers during early morning. Prefer to cover the fort first (5-7 am so that you can adore the sunrise at the fort top.), then trek to Bhaja caves (7-9:30 am), so that you will get this historical caves gate open as per timings. 

The fort has been declared as a protected moument by the government of India. It is built on the same plateau as Visapur fort and is a part of the Lohagad-Visapur fortification. It is situated on a side range of the Sahyadris, and most of Lohagad fort is still intact. It has four large gates in good condition, and other structures as big tank and a step-well. It also has famous Scorpian tail shaped long and narrow wall-like fortified spur which is visible during a clean day. 

One can enjoy the picturesque hills, lush green fields, tranquil and serene climate. On the trek route, you can get water, nimbu paani, soft-drinks, poha, maggi and some other snacks during peak monsoon season. Don't expect much! We had the maggi break at one place. We enjoyed the trek with all our gang and stopped at a greener place for some Facebook profile pictures. Just near the foothills of the Lohagadwadi village, it started raining heavily, and we had some snacks with tea-coffee.

By the time we reached the top of the fort, it was fully covered with mist and clouds started pouring. At the apex point, there is a small tea stall which is being seen majorly in monsoon season. We just said "We conquered the fort". We all got drenched and enjoyed the moments there. During this trek my camera screen got wet, and then no further clicks from my cam. Luckily I had Tara and Phani's cam to have some random clicks. 

While returning back, just near the Lohagadwadi, we had some quick snaps of "Nine Planets" place. At the dawn time, we moved back to Lonavala railway station to catchup our train to Pune. We enjoyed the full day and played UNO playing cards game in the train. I will rate this fort higher as compare to other forts in Maharashtra, I have visited so far. 
So, Pack-up your shoes to start with Pune monsoon express.
Other Forts nearby Pune-Mumbai:
Kolaba Fort - Alibaag, A sea fort in Konkan region at Raigad


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the eye-tonic here.

ABC said...

This is a good place to visit during monsoon. Chill & just enjoy.

RATNA said...

We are visiting the place with my family including 50+ age group people. Would it be fine for them? Please reply soon.


sachinkgupta said...

Hi Ratna,

Yes it should be fine as the fort has stairs from base to apex. If it rains just have umbrella and beware of the places that become slippery. Just be cautious. Enjoy the place.


Unknown said...

i have been to Lohagad trek. It was amazing. one of the best 1 day trek

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