February 15, 2014

Quote of the Post: "The beautiful beach alongwith famous Ganpati temple and the tiny hamlet kissing seaside, add to the picturesque beauty of Ganpatipule." - Quote about 'Ganpatipule' by Sachin Kumar Gupta

We have traveled many places across westside of India - Arabian Sea cost from Mumbai to Goa: Mumbai - Alibag - Kashid - Murud - Shrivardhan - Harihareshwar - Harnai - Dapoli. Now it was time to explore further, Velneshwar - Jaigad - Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri

After visiting some of the fascinating places in Ratnagiri, We reached Ganpatipule following Aare Ware seaside views route. This was our base place to stay throughout weekend trip and recommend to book the hotel in advance. It is highly recommended to follow below path to enjoy most amazing sea-side views of Konkan.

Ganpatipule Konkan Map
Tasval - Jaigad Ferry Boat: If you are coming from Velneshwar, A ferry across the Tasval creek gets you to Jaigad from where you could visit Ganpatipule. While on ferry you may feel like you are in Kerala at some places. It is nice to enjoy this ferry ride. 

Ganapatipule is laced with the evergreen ranges of Sahyadri and an endless stretch of unpolluted silver sand, lined with innumerable trees of mango, cashew, coconut and casurinas at the coastal side of Konkan. This holy place of Lord Ganpati - Ganapatipule derived its name from “Ganapati" or the Lord of Ganas (army) and Pule (sand dune). This place has gained prominence because of its famous Ganpati temple and it is a tourist destination and offers an attractive beach.

MTDC Resort Ganpatipule: We just loved the food here. Whenever we felt hungry, we visited this place. Must say, the best tea of Ganapatipule is available here. We stayed at "Hotel Shree Ganesh Krupa" for 2 days during our visit. 

The narrow streets of Ganpatipule lined with Konkani style cottage, with sloping red-tile roofs immediately transport you to another time. This place is developed and managed in a one-way route so that there shouldn't be any problem of traffic jam like in any other part of India.

Temple: The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, on the Ganapatipule beach in itself is the primary attraction in Ganapatipule. At the entrance of the temple, there is "Make a wish mouse", you can whisper in the ears and make a wish. There is also a parikarma marg, which devotees use to take a round around the hill. 

Beach: Ganpatipule beach is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra, which is 25 kms from Ratnagiri. It is all a breath-taking view! Ganpatipule beach has a picnic vibe about it with numerous chat stalls, camel rides and horse carts near the beach. One can walk long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters and water sports. There are also options like camel ride and horse ride at the beach. We also enjoyed this place a lot. It was amazing to see many flying birds to play with waves.

Next day we visited another less traveled road to Velneshwar

Prachin Konkan Museum: One the last day while returing back to Pune, We visited this place. It is approx 1 KM from Ganpatipule temple area named "Manewadi". Ask locals about this place, if your driver is new to this area. Prachin Konkan, is the brain child of Mr. Sardesai. A guided tour walked us through various aspects of life in Konkan in the yester years.  It has many things to explore, which depict life in past in Konkan. Guide informed about Konkan's society-structure, occupation, custom, tradition and history in last 500 years. For different exhibitions they charge differently. There are additional charges for camera though charges are quite normal. Some of the attractions in this Prachin Konkan Museum are:

Konkankanya small toy train engine at the entrace near ticket window. 
Nakshatra Garden: There is a small garden with trees worshiped depending on a persons sunsign in the garden.
Prachin Konkani Gram Jeevan
Hastkala Vikri Kendra (Handcraft Selling Point): The costs of the items are quite reasonable.
Sea Fort Exhibition
Bird Watching

Sea Fish Exhibition: We also get to see India's biggest conch (Shankh). It was unique to watch and adore for every visitor. They have different kind of conches (Shankh) found in the sea. We shop some of the unique conch made items. 

Enjoy other nearby places in Konkan: Ratnagiri, Velneshwar, Dapoli, Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan.


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very nice place photos details and description about ganpatipule. very much helpful.

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i just love Ganpatipule, amazing photographs, thanks for the information and details.

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