January 1, 2018

Quote of the post: "When you discover yourself wrong, It is very hard to 'UNLEARN'." - Quote about 'UNLEARN' - Sachin Kumar Gupta

A Very Happy New Year 2018 to you, your family and loved ones. Enjoy the recent poem, Hope you like it. Mark what to unlearn, your new year resolution.



Unlearn the sinful lies, which you are still believing. 
Unlearn the faulty processes, which you are still following. 

Unlearn the erroneous facts, those deviate you from truth. 
Unlearn the short term mindset, which blocks human growth. 

Unlearn the evil character, which control your mind, body and soul. 
Unlearn the vague misleads, which deviates you to achieve the goal.

Unlearn the invalid arguments, that troubles you. 
Unlearn the toxic thoughts, which you blindly follow and continue.

Unlearn the bad talks, which are below standards. 
Unlearn the false allegations, which are blocking to move forward. 

Unlearn the corrupt system, that blocks the development. 
Unlearn the unhealthy food, which you consume and eat. 

Unlearn the sloppy mistakes, which you commit repeatedly.
Unlearn the stifling teachings, which still prevail in the society. 

Unlearn the contradictory info, that leads to hurdle. 
Unlearn the harmful people, that you have in your circle.

Unlearn the injurious medicine, which causes anxiety and depression.
This is the time to master, 'the art of what to unlearn with passion'.

- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)

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