January 1, 2009

This is the village situated over the mountain. There are two ways to approach this village. Either you go by beach road in Kyrenia (way to Karaoglanoglu - Alsancak) or over the mountain (approx 20 Km from St. Hilarian Castle). You will enjoy (not the car driver :-) both sides of the mountain, one sight to the sea and the other wide plains all across curves.
Actually we approached after the St. Hilarian trekking to Lapta village. We were really laapata (Lost) while going Lapta. I am sure drivers like, Meera, Gaurav, Ravi would be enjoyed the drive and rest guys enjoyed the both sides sight seeing scenery.
Time was also running out, because it's going to be sunset and we were not in the condition to scale the same track back again. We discussed in the midway. Thanks to Ankit who confirmed with another car person that the road really goes to Kyrenia.
In the midway we had some snaps. We found the beach road and back to our ways. We had dinner in the Indian restaurant there (near Karaoglanoglu). Thanks to Rajaram site where I found this place.
Wanna to have a look to other places in North Cyprus.


Vacilis Lipertis said...

Seems like u have covered all the major places in North Cyprus.. nice man..

V Lipertis

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