November 21, 2013

Do you know, where is the highest point within Pune?
Vetal hill is the highest point within the Pune city limits. This is one of the last virgin green areas left in Pune. It is sometimes also known as 'Vetal Tekdi'. As soon as someone hear 'Vetal', "Vikram Vetal" characters comes to the mind. Don't worry I will not narrate the story about them, but take away to 'Vetal Hill' to enjoy sunset.

There are different treks, one can reach to Vetal hill within Pune. People reach this point from the areas like Fergusson College (C), SNDT Women's University (E), ILS Law College (G), Symbiosis Society (I), Gokhale Nagar (K), ARAI (automotive research institute) (M) and Chatushringi (O). We choose Gokhale Nagar trek for the same. Below map will help reaching Vetal Hill (N) point.

Vetal Hill Map
Address: Vetal Tekdi, Panchawati, Pashan, Pune, MH

You can see many people walking over the hill in the mornings and evenings. This is a nice spot to walk over the weekend and enjoy sunset. Though don't expect too much from this place. You will be happy to enjoy a small trek in a quite and serene environment. We were lucky enough to enjoy sunset and moon-rise as well being a full-moon night. We also see different panoramic views of Pune city from different points. 

There is also a temple of Vetal (Vetal Maharaj Temple) at top of the hill, you may have to ask someone as you reach Multi-junction 'Hanuman Temple Point'. There is a watchtower nearby as well. Many health conscious people use a mini gym near to Hanuman Temple. The hill also has a huge stone quarry. Small water bodies in its midst attract some birds and a few love birds (couples) also. This is main point where people sit for long, and enjoy sunset having sweet talks. 

We got the chance to take some amazing photographs. We also enjoyed kite flying for sometime. There are many trees, which make surroundings breezing and cool specially during mornings and evenings. Many people also enjoy bicycle riding here. This place is also an area of research for flora lovers. During late eve, There were many butterflies flying all around. Sometimes, People can also enjoy watching peacocks here. Alas! we missed, may be need to visit during monsoon daytime. Next time, I will also try to visit this place during monsoon to see peacock and more flora colors. 

Some other points to enjoy sunset in Pune are: Parvati Hill, Chaturshringi temple
If you are tired of thinking where to go within Pune to enjoy sunset. Have a short drive, trek and enjoy sunset from different points of Vetal Hill. 


Ranjeet Sen said...

Nice Photography Man.

Hà Văn Thị Thu said...

Mặt trăng tròn vào đêm khuya thật đẹp. Tuyệt vời !

Pawan said...

I read your blog, you have very good information. Plan to go these place when ever I come to Pune.

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