April 1, 2009

Quote of the Post: "No Place like home, in the whole kingdom(world)." - (A Home Quote by Sachin Kumar Gupta - Missing Home)

This is my home sweet home,
where you are always welcome.
You remember it more, being away from home.
There are always many things to 'write home about' home.

Home for me, is always awesome.
At Home, I feel more handsome.
Whenever you are in, you feel gladsome.
The place, where you have no more irksome.

It will be always my knowledgeable tome.
If you are away from home, you feel mome.
I occupied & characterized within this area, called biome.
In real sense, On earth, it is called heaven epitome.

Its like a desktop environment, GUI that runs on top of an OS, called gnome.
It is a place with walls and roof with some rooms, called home.
But sometimes the size depends on your income.
In the reference of Google, it is Chrome.

It can be a house, a shelter, own country, or a nursing home.
It can be made of water, fire, air, wood, or metal, in any form.
On a website, home is always home.
For incoming & outgoing mails, its mail-room.

Within it, you can form any type of room.
For your dancing, you can make it ballroom.
For indoor games, you can make it playroom.
For sleep and relax, you can make it bedroom.

We initiated through chromosome.
We developed inside womb.
We walked, travelled and roam.
As a leaf of a plant, we're home's phyllome.

The place where, you are always welcome.
It signifies our own tradition & custom.
Although, I am not 'at home in' poems,
still think to 'write home about' homes.

People always want to feel at home.
Be it anywhere, US, UK, Africa, Australia, Asia or Rome.
Ultimately, It is made of atoms.
Really, There are always many things to 'write home about' homes.

- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)


The legend killer said...

Hi sachin

Home sweet Home :) .Rhyming is alluring .

Sandip said...

hey budy.
This is an awesome poem i read after long time...
Gr8 thinking man... and of course putting it in words.
keep the good work going.

शोभा राजपुरोहित said...

suchh a lovely poem by "Sach".....sach mein intresting.....mindblowing.....keep it up.

blogger said...

Very simple and lovely lyrics... :) you did that well buddy.. keep it up...

R Singh said...

Love Home, I love my family too much.

Utkarsh G said...

This is one of the best poem I have read after a long time. Very nicely written. Good Job. Keep it up.

Dhara said...

Lovely lines. I also love my home.

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