December 31, 2022

"Like you can't forget your first love, neither you can forget your first visit to Maldives. If there is a paradise on earth, 'Maldives' must be one of them." - Quote about Maldives - Sachin Kumar Gupta

Dear Maldives, I will never get over you. There is a saying that - 'Money can't buy happiness', but it can buy a ticket to Maldives, and once you land in Maldives, nothing can be compared to that. Finally, I can tick 'Maldives' from my places to visit around the world bucket list, rather than keep saying : 'I will visit Maldives one day'. The place where I lose my mind and find my soul. 

Best time to visit Maldives: 

Dec & Jan are the best months to visit, otherwise, It is anyways 'Maldives', whenever you can plan, you will love it. 

There is no secret that Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Maldives has a concept of 'One Island - One resort'. It has around 1200+ such small islands. Maldives, a 26-atoll chain of islands with powdery beaches, turquoise waters, and dreamy over-water villa/bungalow & resorts. It is dreamland for everyone, that's why it is the hottest travel destination. The white sand beaches and crystal clear water are an incredible backdrop for any beach vacation, but especially a romantic honeymoon or a relaxing gateway with your friends or family. 

The best part is, Maldives offers Visa free on arrival for Indian passport holder, and to many other nationals. You only need to fill Traveler declaration (within 96 hours) at IMUGA ( before arrival & departure from Maldives. 

If you are visiting Maldives, then you are bound to capture hundreds of stunning shots that you want to post on social media. The ocean breeze and while sand puts my mind at ease. Even the photographs can't justify this beautiful place. We also captured many joyful moments here. There are so many beautiful shades of blue and green. You must do good shopping in advance, if planning to have good photo-shoot. We also taught Pathik, how to click photos for us, and we got quite a few good surprise clicks. 

Once you check-in to your room, enjoy your days relaxing while admiring the white sand beaches with blue shades of water. I witness amazing sunrise and sunset, every single day in Maldives. We took lot of souvenirs from Maldives. Later I realize that while being in the Maldives, never knowing what day of the week it was. 

We opted in for 2 nights beach villa & 2 nights water villa, which is a must do experience, If you are planning for Maldives. We got breathtaking view of the ocean at both places. In next post, I will share my stay-cation experience at 'OBlu XPerience Ailafushi' in Maldives. 


Rosa m said...

Dreamland for many great photos and nice article write up.

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