July 5, 2015

Quote of the Post: "Whenever you read this, wherever you are, you will thank someone, whoever it is." - (A 'Thanks Poem' by Sachin Kumar Gupta - Whenever.. Wherever..)

   Thanks.. Whenever.. Wherever..

Thanks for supporting at all stages,
no matter what, where I rank.

Thanks for being my ATM gift,
whenever I don't have money in the bank.

Thanks for filling the spaces,
wherever I leave blanks.

Thanks for giving me refreshness,
whenever my eyes see you & blink.

Thanks for being my pointers,
whenever I don't have any links.

Thanks for being my ship,
whenever I am about to sink.

Thanks for picking me up,
whenever I fall down or shrink.

Thanks for always praising me,
for whatever I say & think.

Thanks for being my recylebin,
whenever I had some junks.

Thanks for being my flying kite,
whenever I don't have wings.

Thanks for giving me your hands & shoulders,
whenever I am slipping any extreme edge or brink.

Thanks for being my lifetime juicy wine,
whenever I feel dry & nothing else to drink.

Thanks for giving me all your time,
whenever I am running out of clock.

Thanks for being my secret key,
wherever, whenever I am getting locked.

 - Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)



Ajit said...

Thanks for nice poem. Nice very good balak.

Omkar said...

very nice u also write poems i don't know.

Foresighter said...

Lovely... thank you ��

Rajesh Gupta said...

Thanks for writing this poem. After a long time. Good one.

Unknown said...

Awesome lines bhaiya... :)

sachinkgupta said...

Thanks +Harshit Gupta For liking it..

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