July 21, 2012

Quote about the Post: "As every picture is worth a thousand words, so are these - chock-a-block potholes near Takali Haji" - Quote about Potholes near Shirur in Maharashtra

If you are searching for a unique but less visited places around Pune, Pothole near Takali Haji is a good option. Google maps reflect this place as 'Nighoj Potholes in Maharashtra'. It is only recommended to go if you want to go some unusual place in Maharashtra, and trek down to some blunt, rough, cliff shaped potholes. To be true, This place seems to be quite interesting and one can go down the chock-a-block pothole cliffs with courage and high care.

Natural Potholes near Takali Haji:

After visiting Ramling, we proceeded to the less visited but unique place to visit near Shirur, natural potholes (Kund) in the River Kukdi near Takli Haji. We followed the route as we covered Ranjangaon Mahaganpati and Ramling in the same day:

Pune - Lonikand - Koregaon Bhima - "Sanaswadi" - Shikrapur - "Ranjangaon" - Shirur - "Ramling" Old Shirur - Annapur - Takli Haji - "Potholes" in Nighoj village - Malthan - Chincholi Morachi - Ganegaon - Shikrapur - Pune

You can directly follow below from Pune, if you want to visit only this place: Pune - Lonikand - Koregaon Bhima - "Sanaswadi" - Shikrapur - "Ranjangaon" - Ganegaon - Malthan - Takli Haji - "Nighoj Potholes" - Ganegaon - Shikrapur - Pune

Pune - Ranjangaon - Ramling - Potholes Route Map

You have to keep asking about the "Kund" (nearby people know by this name) to reach the destination. With the clear road and green fields, it was pleasant drizzle which welcomed us to 'kund'. The rains made the rocks slippery and we decided to stand still at a safe place before proceeding towards the trek. We got good time for some pics. There is recently constructed "Malganga Suspension bridge" and It seems like the smaller version of "Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh". 

There is also a small temple named "Shree Malganga devasthan". Soon the rain stopped, and we were all ready to explore the potholes. One has to be very careful while going down the potholes, but still quite interesting. We spent sometime climbing up and down to the potholes. This place was shows-topper in the entire journey. Thanks to Tarachand Bhawnani for suggesting this unexplored place. 

Note: Come with proper trek shoes. Children should not go at the edges and panic station points, and should be in guidance with elders all the time. On our way back to Pune we stopped by at Cauliflower, Pomegranate and other fields at time to time. On request we got a pair of fresh Cauliflower, free-of-cost from the farmers. Meenal gave the chocolates to farmer's baby. We also had the bullock-cart ride on request just for pose, and Tara gave some tip for this hospitality. 

One very peculiar thing we noticed on the way, the way onions were stored (ref to album). Next we landed at the peacock village - Chincholi Morachi, but time didn't allow us to stay longer. Peacocks can be seen only during early morning or late evening i.e in pleasant and cool weather. Now we had our much needed late lunch and headed back to Pune. 

Our day long drive make the proverb true: "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers". 


Rajesh M said...

Wonderful pictures man.

Ahmed said...

Looks like different, Hope I will visit it soon this year. Nice one.

Priyanshu Gupta said...

Awesome pleace .....

Ratnesh said...

didn't heard about this place, good to know. I like your blog. very nice information about the places of Maharashtra, very helpful. Nice photographs. Where do you live?

Vaibhav said...

Thanks for the information about this unique place even I live nearby Pune and I didn't heard about this place nice details very helpful we will soon plan to visit this.

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