September 30, 2008

Quote of the blog: "Live the excitement & thrill on the biggest coolest splash on the island"
The Biggest, coolest splash on the Island. Winner - Europe's Leading Water-park Attraction. Fasouri Watermania features the largest selection of attractions and slides in Cyprus and beyond! Everything from breath taking Black Holes and Kamikaze Slide to a relaxing Lazy River… You can watch the slide-show of various snaps taken at the waterpark.

We just got the tickets from our amdocs office with some rebate. We already postponed our plan 2-3 Sundays as per the availability of friends. Finally the day came, We wants to enjoy the full day, so the group (Vinay, Praveen, Saurabh, Mrunal including me) reached on-time there. We also purchased some snacks on the way itself, as We came to know that everything is much costly inside waterpark (yes, We are misers !!!). It was the day of amusement and learning for all of us.

Equipped with the largest wavepool and lazy river in Cyprus our experience at Fasouri was not only guaranteed to be memorable for thrills, probowl experience where lifeguard saved us, but also for the sense of tranquility it offered us with its surrounding hectares of mature green and landscaped gardens.
We assured you after probowl slide & black cannons where lifeguard saved us from drowning that, experienced lifeguards secure each and every ride offered at Fasouri. We learned the Water Lear, don't take the things lighter, whatever it is - Water or anything else. I got another life when I safely out of pool after probowl-slide.
There is an interactive centre specifically for toddlers and you will find single-double-triple tube slides, wave pool, six lane mat race, wet bubble, free fall kamikaze, cross over lemon-pool and other slides & pools for amusement.
We all did a slide for the daring one by one!!! "Free Fall Kamikaze". If you wanna to Gooooooooooo for this, take a deep sigh (get set), get anohter deep sigh (ready to Go)... and just release your body - Gooooooooo!!!! We showed we can do it. Can U?
We enjoyed in lazy river around it approx 3-4 times and similarly in the wave pool. We just keep our eyes on wave-time, enjoyed the tide building up around us inside wave pool.

You will get there free parking, lifejackets and sunbeds with umbrella. You have to pay for locker there. After too many steep plunges and breathtaking thrills, we feel hungry, so to fill our appetite we enjoyed our snacks & several food outlets there. There is something for everyone there: Makai Pool Bar-Squeeze Juice Bar, Wiki Wiki Cafe, Pirates' Cove Fast Food Restaurant, Grill & Pasta House, Ice Cream Kiosk, Canal Restaurant.
You can also get seasonal memberships with unlimited admission and various other benfits there. Shuttle Bus service available from Limassol and Paphos.
For Details, Contact +357 25 714235
or visit the site:

September 13, 2008

Quote of the blog: "I called up my friend, I said 'I want to tell you a new story', he said 'Not you again'."
As I started writing this blog. I just realized that I am releasing the blogs on the Fridays as Hollywood and Bollywood movies. So here is another movie.. sorry .. this week's blog for u all. You will be amazed to know that you will save money after reading this blog. This will really save your money. Now no need to hang up the calls while calling your friends, relatives and dear one. No more miss call-miss call game! This blog will be useful for naive users of Voip as well as for those who are already using Voip services but need cheapest call rates.

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* Free destinations and conditions vary as per the VOIP service provider. Rates are also subjected to change anytime. So keep on checking at regular intervals. Eg: Max 300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded the normal rates apply. With your FREE DAYS you can call for free to all the destinations listed as free! when you have no FREE DAYS left the normal rates apply. You can get extra Freedays by buying credit.

I have picked up some Voip links from the bunch of Voip sites as per my experience. For India calling freecall and intervoip are the cheapest one currently. You can get the calling rates just clicking the rates tab in the specified site. So choose as per your need that most suits you:
Some very easy - basic steps to use these services (5-10 mins) :

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  5. Test your bandwidth.
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If I don't know about this cheap calling sites, I would be paying so much money for international phone calls to India. Let your family and friends from around the world keep in touch with you without running their phone bills through the roof. You can talk to your loved ones, GF or BF cheaply internationally. You can also share more sites if it is cheaper than the described above.

September 6, 2008

Quote of the Blog: "Walking with the friends in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

As I STARted to write about my first safe prime blog, then I thought what it should be all about. Surprisingly, I realised that today is 5 Sep, 5th and last working day - Friday; so something to write about 5; Five STARS ***** What Say! So you will be thinking that I will write about related to 5 stars hotels, movies, cities or something akin to this. But It is about Five STARS; If Chetan Bhagat can write about 'Five Point Someone'. At least I can write about "FIVE STARS in IIITM" Now, It will be clear by seeing all these snaps, what the blog would be all about.
Now going back to institute hostel life.

There is a history :-) behind selecting the name for 'The Five of us' - Hum Paanch ( 5 STARS ). Amazingly we finalized the name (***** 5 STARS) (Sachin G, Tarachand, Ahlad, Rana, Sachin K) and we were living in the same floor in the nearby rooms - we called it 5 STARS Flooring - Yoga & Straight Cricket Floor. I remembered we were living at the second floor rooms S-67 to S-71. The scene of running trains in the night, from this floor, was really soothing. Even as we finalized the name, Rana pasted the templates and A4 prinouts on our floor. I still remembered the day, once, we got one big watermelon and enjoyed it while saving from other eagle eyes, dog nose - hostler friends and for this we put our mobiles in vibrator mode.

My room (S-67) was MM (Music & Movie) theater, and a free entry casino - playing cards room. Tara's room was study center but for a short while, as we all got placed soon. Ahlad's room remains in tranquility, as It was research room and our secret talk room. Many plans were designed here, and exploded in the whole institute. We have Rana's room as Facility center - It was our kitchen, Filtered water board, Massage Center, Clinic, NewsPaper reading center, 'Halwai Ki Dukaan' and many more. Sachin K's room was the 'bakar' - Time Paas Talk, mobile-problem solving, cricket score-board room.

Once someone taken our group snap, and we were standing in the STARS sequence without any intention of our naming order, that we realized later while looking at that snap.

Now, What I say about myself (S G); I am having all the qualities a bit only that other stars have. he! he! Tara is a hard worker but involved in various scandals, and gets attention of others very quickly. Ahlad is really a lady killer, researcher and an intelligent guy of our batch. Rana was the most famous among all juniors, hostlers, colleagues, and known to all from security-guard, mess-worker to the director of the institute. Sachin K was dominating Rana very often. SK is sensible, realistic, and a cool guy. All of us are dance freaks a bit or more (I think, Attached snap certifies this.)
I still see the quote on the Tara's orkut account having the above snap "..........5 Stars Familly..........Jo Hamse Takraega Fida Ho Jayega.........." As 5 fingers make a fist, We were like a family in the hostel in real sense. Its not like that we never fight, Yes, We do. But some of us resolve the case within 5 STARS court itself. :-)

Be it SG's boring pravachan, Tara's scandals, Ahlad's L-story, Rana's 'Kamble Kutai' - 'Beating all around wrapping him in a blanket', SK's birthday,5-STARS parties and many more. I learn a bit or more from each one of them. Hats off for all of them. There are too many small memories, that gives me too much happiness, while remembering and even thinking of those institute and hostel life. I will write about some of them in my upcoming blogs. The hot news is that I am supposed to attend the upcoming Rana's marriage in Nov. Please feel free to paas your comments friends. So this refresh blog is the cherished memory blog dedicated to the 5 STARS. The below lines are customized by me for you all dear:

we will be friends...
as long as stars twinkle in the sky...
as long as angels are there up high...
as long as sun gives us light...
may be sometimes we fight...
'til oceans run dry...
and 'til the day I die...

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