September 1, 2013

Quote of the post: "This most precious gem in Jaipur is a beautifully built fort and palace, is a treat to the eyes from the first till last glimpse." - Quote about Amer Fort in Jaipur by Sachin Kumar Gupta

During my Jaipur visit, I was so excited to visit this fort, Amer fort and palace is listed in top 7 places to visit in India as per various sites (7 wonders of India). Amer Fort (also pronounced as Amber Fort) is located in small town Amer 11 km from Jaipur, Rajasthan state, India. Amber or Amer Fort's name is derived from Amba, the Mother Goddess. It is one of the principle tourist attractions in the Jaipur area, located high on a hill surrounded by the Aravali ranges in all sides. Amer Fort was built by Raja Man Singh I. Amer Fort is known for its artistic style of Hindu elements. 

The fort built with red sandstone and marble, and its large ramparts, series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks the Maota Lake at its forefront just looks awesome. For those who have the passion for photography, Amber is the best spot to click innumerable photographs and enjoy your photography passion. We took many snaps from the road at lake side while starting our day journey from JaipurThe palace of Amber is the most beautiful palaces of world, Never miss an opportunity of an elephant ride to hilltop Amber Fort if that is in your budget. During peak season, You have to book the elephant ride in advance. If you are coming by bike, car or taxi that will lead you till entrance entrance gate near parking area. 

Forts in Jaipur, RJ
Amber Palace Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Amber has some extremely beautiful and interesting spots, that one should not miss, a few of them mentioned below:

Suraj Pol: This is main entrance known as Sun Gate.
Chand Pol: This was the main gate of entry for the commoners known as Moon Gate.
The Jaleb Chowk: First Main Courtyard.
Shila Devi Temple: At the entrance to the palace near the fort’s Ganesh Gate, there is also a temple dedicated to Shila Devi, a goddess of the Chaitanya cult. Interiors walls of temple portray wonderful carvings on Sangmarmar.
Diwaan-e-aam (Hall of Public Audience): The court where the king give their audience to his subjects and his officials.
Hammam (Turkish Baths): Adjacent to Diwan-e-Khaas this hammam was used by the ruler and the royal family. Change and massage rooms alongwith adjoining toilets can be seen here.
Ganesh Pol: This is entry place into the private palaces of the kings.

Diwaan-e-Khaas (Hall of Private Audience): Private quarters of the royal family
Maota Lake and Garden: The vistas of the lake can be seen while climbing the fort, and from different points of fort.
Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) or Jai Mandir: Sheesh Mahal is exquisitely beautified with glass panel and multiple-coloured ceilings. 
Sukh Mandir or Sukh Mahal: This place is known as Hall of Pleasure.
Amer Fort Garden: Between Jai Mandir and Sukh Mandir, there is a small garden shaped in a hexagonal pattern. 
Jaigarh Tunnel: This subterranean passage was meant as an escape route in times of war for the royal family members and others in the Amer Fort to shift to the more redoubtable Jaigarh Fort.
Palace of Man Singh I: Oldest part of the palace fort. The exit from this palace leads to the Amer town with many temples, palatial houses and mosques. One can also view many temples and mosques from other side of the fort.
Queen Palaces are some exquisite places, these places are known and famous as a Bollywood shooting spot - like Veer, Jodha Akbar, Hum saath saath hain - to name a few.

We took many photographs from different points of the forts. Apart from monuments and palaces, there are several moments that one would definitely like to capture through third eye. Bustling city life, festivals, decorations etc are worth capturing on camera during various occasions.

Don't miss this fort to visit even if you are coming for 1 day or 2 days visit to Jaipur. Taking you to the next nearby Jaigarh and Nahargarh Forts in Jaipur.


Rajasthan Info said...

You visited one of the best fort in Rajasthan. Interesting photos taken. Using SLR?

sachinkgupta said...

Yes, Finally family trip plan compiled, and We got to enjoy best of Jaipur and nearby places in Rajasthan, more in my next visits. Now a days I am using D5100 NIKON cam. Hope you like the photos.

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