December 13, 2009

Quote of the Post: "Take the LEAVE aNd enjoy the WORTH place to visit." - Quote about Leavenworth by Sachin Kumar Gupta

It is the city in the heart of Washington state; often known as German town. I was here in the month of December, so it was a bit cold here. Sorry, not a bit; Full Byte or can say in KB in terms of cold, and will increase as December ends :)

We decided to visit the Leavenworth this weekend. It is approx 3.5-4.5 hrs drive from Seattle. (Depends on atmosphere and road conditions) The 'throughout year lighting town' becomes in its peak during Chrismas timings. GPS really helped us a lot to reach the destination. We feed the source and the destination in the GPS system. GPS keep us pinging at time to time for directions, re-routing, and overspeeding.

During our journey, the sun was playing hide and seek game. Sometimes it hides behind the snowy mountains, sometimes within the clouds and at last it set for the day. On our way, We saw freezing river alongside the mountains. If you would be visiting this place during a sunny summer day, chances are that you can also have a glimpse of the reflection of the mountain in the river.

As it was 2-2 (My way of too much) cold, so we have coffee break (Extra Hot) at Cle Elum. We sipped it a to z. In the meantime, another sweet sipper volunteerly asked for our group snap. Thanks to her, because at the end, we realize that this was the only group snap throughout our trip.

Then we proceed towards our final destination, As soon as we entered, we saw some deer here and there. Twinkling lightings started as we entered to the city. Then all of a sudden we heard choiring some prayer. This is the most happening place in Leavenworth full of restaurants, shops with unique gift items, many events and activities all the time. All the current events and activities can be checked here.

It was the perfect time, People in Father Christmas and Santa's dress were roaming around, blessing and greeting people. Everywhere you can enjoy twinkling houses, shops, trees, banks and most of the places in Leavenworth. After roaming all around, it was time to have dinner. We got delicious (after a long time) Pizza served.

You also have a chance to see over 5000 types of nut-crackers - The Leavenworth Nut-Crackers Museum. It opens 2-5 pm ; May - October (Daily) and November - April (Sat & Sun)

While returning we thought that we would be the only owls on the way back in this chilled night covered with snowy roads. But we were wrong. There were many owls like us. If you are just away from the city, It seems like the colored stars are flashing just over the Leavenworth town. We were not relaxed during our return journey, seated upfront, As we need not to take the nap due to snowy night and road conditions with open eyes. So, upto some extent it was an adventure trip as well, As you never know, when the car can skid in the snowy roads.

On this Note, We finally leave the worth place to visit "Leavenworth", and back to Seattle.


Zabi said...

Amazing Place!!!
nice pics DUDE!!

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