August 31, 2013

Quote of the Post: "Hanumat Dham at Khannaut river seems like the landmark of the Shahjahanpur city which will mark its prints on the world-map." - Quote about Shahjahanpur by Sachin Kumar Gupta

Shahjahanpur city in Uttar Pradesh was established by Diler Khan and Bahadur Khan, dignitaries in the regime of ShahjahanThough its name was after the Mughal Emperor - Shahjahan. There are two mazars which connect Shahjahanpur city from one corner to the other corner. One mazar is of Shaheed Ahmad Ullah Shah, a great freedom fighter of the 1857 struggle, and another is Shaheed Ashfaqallah Khan ( of famous Kakori Kand). City has a proud history of being a home for three key freedom fighters - Shaheed Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan, and Thakur Roshan Singh who were major contributors to the Indian Independence - hence the name Shaheedon Ki Nagri or Town of MartyrsI wouldn't dig deep into the history further, but bring you some nice places to visit in Shahjahanpur.
A, B, C are marked in the map below. 

Shahjahanpur Map
[A] Hanumat Dham at Khannaut river: This is now the third highest Hanuman statue, 104 ft high, in the world after "Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami at Vijaywada, A.P." and "Hanuman Murti in Shimla" as per Wikipedia list so far. [Last updated 25 Sep, 2013]

The orange colored statue with well defined details, is picturesque with grand mace, and Ram-Sita located at the heart. It's a divine feeling to look at Lord Hanuman's statue touching sky with calm river flowing around. The place is approx 4-5 k.m. away from bus stand and railway station of Shahjahanpur. This statue was built in approx 10 years and is situated at Visrat Ghat and sideby flowing Khannaut river just looks cool. 

I have been to this place many times on various occasions. You can see some people bathing and children jumping in the river to take away heat most of the times. Elders come here for a walk whereas people also come here for holy ceremonies and worship. The base is connected by a small bridge from ghat. With trees and flowers planted all around in the meadow, it's more like an artificial island. :) One can also mark the holy idols of lord Shiv family, The Sun and Saraswati within the Hanumat Dham. Daily aarti and chanting of holy slogans make the environment devout. Though just behind this place from where river flows, many buffaloes just roam around the place and make the place and river dirty. Government should take some action and people should also help to keep the place clean. 

[B] Shahid Smarak Park: The place is near Nagar Palika. This is main park of town having musical fountain as well. Now a days you mostly see some love birds roaming around and a few families.

[C] Factory Estate Ramlila Ground is known to host the festivities of Dashehra. Ramleela fair is one of the best event of this region which runs for almost a month. Nearby is another famous factory temple.

[D] There are various small temples and mosques in and around Shahjahanpur. 

Shahjahanpur is the home to the Ordnance Clothing Factory, setup by the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. There exists an army cantonment where you can see big grounds and small parks which are good for relaxing and walking. People enjoy driving in this less polluted area. Shahjahanpur is also famous for its carpet industry, as well as for Sarrafa (Jewelry) market. Shahjanhpur is well connected with major Indian cities by rail and road (from Bareilly and Lucknow). National Highway No. 24 connecting New Delhi passes through Shahjanpur. 

More nearby places to visit in Shahjahanpur in my coming posts ... 


Pradeep G said...

Jai Bajrangbali. Good write-up. Very nice snaps.

Chitransh said...

bolo hanuman ki jai. Charan sparsh.

pranav said...

thanks for the useful information. i really appreciate ur work. but thr is a doubt regarding the position of the statue on the basis of its height. i checked the link given by u ie , so i dont think its the second highest in the world not even in India.
Hanumat Dham is a beautiful place, and with the blessing of "Bajrang Bali Maharaj" the divine environment becomes spiritually great on some special days like "puranmasi, tuesday, saturday etc."
we thankful to our MLA shri suresh khanna jee. wo were so dedicate to give this woderful monument to his city.

sachinkgupta said...

Hi Pranav,

Thanks for liking the site and appreciations, and checking this in details at the same time, that is helpful. If you checked the linked wiki, the wiki page is recently updated multiple times, Also please note that I am only talking about the Hanuman statue, not any other. Updated the info as of today.


Lata G said...

Well written info about Hanumat Dham at Shahjahanpur.

Unknown said...

Bahut accha barnan hai hamare god hanuman and hanumat dham ka ab hanumat dham ke naam se hi hamara sahar Shahjahanpur Jana jayega.

Unknown said...

Bahut accha barnan hai hamare god hanuman and hanumat dham ka ab hanumat dham ke naam se hi hamara sahar Shahjahanpur Jana jayega.

Anonymous said...

hanumat dham hamare shahjahanpur ki es pahchan hi nahi ab kisi pawan
teerth se kam nahi

Unknown said...

Shot this video recently at Hanumat Dhama Shahjahanpur.

Watch and share.

Naveen Sharma said...

Hanumat dham hamare city ki shaan hai jai bajrang Bali. Tumne Bahut achcha description Diya hai hanumat dham ka. Shahjahanpur ka naam Rohan Karo. God bless u always. Aur bhi places ke baare mein likho shahjahanpur ke. Aur shahjahanpur ka naam aur bhi jyada logo ko pata chale, aur jyada tourism bhi badhe.

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