December 30, 2010

After the long long time, We enjoyed the long biking & decided to go to Mulshi Lake. It was the runtime plan executed by Ritesh, Tara, Abhishek, Anish, Shashwat, Ashish & me. We plan to enjoy an eve at Mulshi lake, We marched from Magarpatta to Mulshi Dam via Swargate, Chandni Chowk, Pirangut and Paud & so on. It is approx 35 - 40 KM from Chandni Chowk, Pune. Mulshi dam and lake belongs to Mula river under the Pune district division. It supplies power to Mumbai.

While our visit to this place, We keep on pausing at frequent intervals for snacks, snaps and relax. Though It was not the rainy season, but we still enjoyed that winter eve throughout wild and breeze nature. You will find people stopping their vehicle at various points, enjoying the long beautiful lake. Mulshi Choupati can be better option for the snacks or lunch other than rest roadside dhabas & restaurants. We also stopped our bikes at medium crowded place during this season, and explored a bit. Different set of people were here for different purposes, You understand what I mean. :) Some people were even enjoying the lake bath during this dusk time. Some of us, also jumped into the lake semi-folding their lowers.

Now It started twilighting, the moment we were waiting for. I explored some of the opportunities of photography, trying to capture the sunset in different horizons. In the album above, Some of the sunset photos at Mulshi lake can be enjoyed. I always love the diffused light from the sky, when the sun is below the horizon, may be, it just before sunrise or just after sunset.

After that we returned back to Magarpatta having dinner at Chandni Chowk. It was cold enough to make us numb while biking back to Pune. Now Mulshi lake and nearby areas are being developed as a tourist spot. It can be good option for you to enjoy an eve there. It can also be considered as one day picnic spot near Pune to chill having tranquil, serene and scenic nature.


Praveen K said...

like last photo, good place for short visit during evening.

-Praveen K

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