August 30, 2008

Quote of the blog: "Please consider the environment before printing any page/mail"

I am here writing now my first positive non-Fibonacci number blog. "Four is the only number in the English language for which the number of letters in its name is equal to the number itself." Still thinking something for the future, I think of something about 4G. This time I am not talking about 4G future technologies those describe the next complete evolution in wireless communications, but I am here to tell about my own terminology 4G - GGlobally, Grow Green; This 4G is for our Global Garden.

"I am not a preacher, I am a pleader." We have to take actions to help the environment from now on. I am glad that people want to take actions. By all this we can stop the climate change, can make our lives better. We can do today to help reduce & minimize our environmental impact, save money, energy and live a happier, healthier life.
Do More:
  1. Turn Off the lights, when you are not using it; Save energy.
  2. Shut the fridge door to keep the cold air in; Conserving energy.
  3. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs(CFLs); Use very less energy.
  4. Drink Tap water for free than bottled water; reducing plastic consumption.
  5. We need to minimize our water consumption while using it in any form; Save Water (H2O).
  6. Plant the tree; Go Greener.
  7. Combine your routine shopping trips with other errands and bring your own reusable bags; Save you time, fuel and preserve resources.
  8. Choose to walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation as possible; Better transportation means less global warming.
  9. Print only the pages you need using double side printing; Save Paper,Save Trees.
  10. Spread Globally about conservation by telling your friends and others; 4G.
There is a good green article to make the difference.
There is a nice video worth to watch - "Go Green - A movie to awaken all"
I saw a great work in an ad. "Save Trees, Trees Save" really the truth (top right snap). The onus of making this initiative successful lies in our hands. By all this means, we can have our four Greek classical elements (fire, air, water, earth); during four parts of a day (night, morning, afternoon, evening); in all Four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter); and in all four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) around our globe all time.

We have the responsibility to keep our planet free of toxics, dioxide emission and to reduce waste of natural resources in order to provide a safe to live planet to our children. Remember, even small efforts from us, will lead the better future world for our future generations. Don't think, Just 4G; Go Globally, Grow Green.
One more thing, I would like you to insert to your mail signature the slogan below. "Please consider the environment before printing any page/mail". By this way we will announce/communicate to the entire world that We are considering the environment and taking actions for preventing the environment destruction. I am not an expert so if anyone else have great tips and suggestions. You are heartly welcome. Please leave your comment for everyone to read for 4G.
Please consider the environment before printing any page/mail...

August 23, 2008

Quote of the Blog: "There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't."

I am here to add-up my 3rd blog. So what could be better than writing something about the future of the world. I thought too much, finally I encountered in the third dimension. Yes, DDD not Delhi Door-Darshan, 3D :-). I think it will revolutionized the world more and more as time will move. I think everyone wants to see the things realistic. 3D will show the world face in all dimensions. Although technology in the content applications and multimedia applications are in the finger tips now a days. I think 3D theaters, 3D TV, 3D movies, will be all around in bulk in near future. 3D graphics supported displays, PCs, Laptops, mobiles, TVs and other applications will enhance. So the 3D will change the face of animation and movies in near future. The 3D technology will be useful in medical industry for biological view of every part of body, entertainment industry for videos and computer based games, future generation buildings and archeological sites, security aspects in crime detection for intelligence industry, Automobile industry for future generation vehicle designs,scientific research, simulation of a real world object into a computer using 3D modelling tools and many more.

It will help us to know more about the child growth in the womb, study of animal kingdom, Artificial Intelligence, 3D sattellite images beyond the earth of other galaxies and stars. 3D view of objects sitting at home will be great way to visit a place before you go there. Google Earth now shows the 3D panorama flows from view to view.You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places and share with others.You can even rotate the object online using a doughnut-shaped scroll bar and explore the visual wonders. You can also access the magical world from your PC, just enable a tiny utility Vista Flip 3D Activator.

I still remembered my engineering days when I used to draw 3D images in the 'Engineering Graphics Drawing' subject. We used to sketch different graphical projections, front view, top view, side view and view from some specific angle of some specific objects on the portable drafting board with the help of drafter, protractor, clamps, pencil and other equipments.

Now a days, 3D movies are in demand and have been screened. These films are presented so that it requires two images, one for each eye, to achieve stereopsis. I just watched a 3D movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D just a day back. The film captures the live adventure actions and some scary moments, the objects supplied by computer generated graphics. To view films in 3D, viewers still have to wear special glasses. The day is not far when emerging 3D films will rule our cinema industry. Hollywood is keen in investing more on developing 3D films as the audience is willing to pay more for viewing a 3D film. You can see an array of movies here: List of 3-D films and future releases. I think, IMAX theatre will lead the way.
The day is not so far when you'd like to experience the new 3D TV from Philips and other comps as well as, without the use of special glasses. 3D TV without glasses will surely be a breakthrough and imazing innovation in this way. By seeing in 3D, we can say that 3D graphics will be integrated into our daily lives.

August 15, 2008

Quote of the Blog: "Where the wine is Born, grows and matures... There are no secrets."

Its time for the second blog to start with the "B" Bold letter as it is the second letter in the English Alphabet. Good Simile; I like to use Simile-Figure of speech. Although 15 August, is the Independence Day in India and Holy Day of Obligation, Assumption Day in other countries. At the same time Beijing Olympics going on, But I am here to talk about "B"Logging of B world of Cyprus. Guess what!!!
"Bold Beautiful Babes, Bathing near the 'Baths of Aphrodite' Beach, in Bikini and Bra, playing Beach Vollyball, Beveraging Beer in Bar, Blowing with Blue Boat"
You may be thinking what am I writing about. So Be relax... Just Chill...

A Beautiful song can be written, composed and picturized based on these lines. I think, I have to talk with Britney, Bryan Adams and Beyonce, but that is for later stage.

The above sentence shows the Beauty of Cyprus. Cyprus is a beautiful island country situated in the eastern Mediterranean south of Turkey, west of the Levant, north of Egypt, and eastsoutheast of Greece. It is the third-largest Mediterranean island and one of the most popular tourist destinations. I am lucky enough to get the first job here as a software programmer in DVCC Amdocs Ltd. You can check some links as a reference while travelling cyprus:

Cyprus is an island having rich cultural heritage and steeped in the history. Cyprus is also called "the island of Aphrodite" since in Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite, of beauty and love, was born in Cyprus. There are still some B words in the Bedroom of Cyprus.
In the day-time if you want to tan your skin then go under the sunbrella, rub some sunscreen, have sunbath at Blue Flag designation beach like 'Baths of Aphrodite' or Agia Napa. Do the adventurous water sport - Bungee Jumping, The sensual adrenalin experience.
and at the night side enjoy the Belly Dancing with the Arabian music with Burger and Beer.

So checkout the "B" of Cyprus.
I won't bore you with the B word now as there are Birding, Buffavento Castle, Bellapais Abbey and many more things that adds Beauty to the Cyprus Island. You see B word is sticking like a Big B (Bee) in my B-log. I am Basked now. So this is my "B"logging in Cyprus.

August 9, 2008

Quote of the Blog: "It is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple"

It is just going to be 08:08:08 P.M, as I started to write this blog here in Cyprus. I back to flat early on time from office today, and have a cup of cardamom-ginger Tea that I always prefer to have.

It is really amazing that when I am writing my first blog, it is triple eight date. It seems that time was waiting for me only to write my first blog on this lucky triple date 08-08-08. Eight is the first cubic number 2*2*2, and the date is cubic of the cubic number.

Although the same day there is big celebration going on in the world. "One World One Dream" - "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games" . and I am sure that you will thrilled to watch this video "Beijing 2008 Olympics AWESOME Opening Ceremony" on youtube. Beijing welcomed the world to the Games of the 29th Olympiad on August 8 with an Opening Ceremony.

I am attaching the schedule Beijing-2008.

I came to know that a-lot of singles are going to be double, I mean commited on this special wedding date. Are you one of those lucky ones. :-)

On the same day, there is a Singh (Sardar) who was in most of the Indian theaters. How come!!! "Singh is Kinng" released this friday in India , an Indian Hindi movie starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in lead role.


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