July 24, 2013

Quote of the Post: "ISKCON NVCC will truely serve as cultural, educational, religious, and spiritual home in Pune and could soon become Pune’s most prominent icon." - Quote about 'ISKCON NVCC Pune' - Sachin Kumar Gupta

I have been to the ISKCON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temples in Vrindavan, Delhi, and Pune many times. Pune is the cultural and spiritual capital of the state of Maharashtra. The old and small ISKCON temple known as "Sri Sri RadhaKunjbihari Temple" started first in camp area Pune.
Address: 4, Tarapore Road, Next to Dastoor Boys School, Camp, Pune, MH - 411001
Space was short to serve the large crowds on festivals, grand satsanga programs, and for holding cultural and educational outreach programs for newcomers. Because of necessity, a bigger temple was proposed that could serve expanding activities of ISKCON Pune.

Address: New Vedic Cultural Center, Katraj-Kondhwa Bypass, Kondhwa Budrukh, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The temple was inaugurated during February 2013 by the President of India (Sri Pranab Mukherjee). NVCC is in three prominent blocks - 
1. Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanachandra Temple. 
2. ISKCON Balaji Temple
3. Brahmachari Ashram, Gita Bhavan and Community building.
Timings: The temple opens most of the day starting early morning till late eve. [Approx: 4:30 am – 9:00 pm]

I visited this holy place with Tanuj and Meenal while it was drizzling. At the entrance, an eye-soothing green meadow welcomes you with a marvelous white and pink, marble structure. The temple archives a number of carvings and portraits narrating mythological stories of Krishna, Radha and other gods in Hindu religion. The idol of Sri Prabhupada, the founder of the ISKCON movement, is at the entrance of the main temple hall. First level has three main graceful deities within the hall – Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanachandra, Sri Sri Gaur Nitai & Sri Sri Jagannatha Baldev Subhadra.

The eyes dart from one carving to another, anxious to see every tiny detail. As ISKCON culture, you can take part and dance in the central hall on the beats of bhajans and evergreen chantings 'Hare Rama Hare Rama, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna'Many devotees play different instruments and sing bhajans with amazing energy. 

Lord Balajji temple is just adjacent to this temple which is on top of a hill. It is constructed in the traditional South Indian style, using unpolished grey granite. As prasad, khichdi is served throughout the day free of cost. There is a restaurant named 'Govindas' and gift and souvneirs shop 'Matchless' within the campus.

The soothing spiritual ambience and glimpse of state-of-the-art interiors will bring great inner peace, happiness to all visitors in such a way that everybody would like to experience. Lets enjoy & chant at NVCC Pune:
"Hare Rama Hare Rama, Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare."


Angel said...

Hare Krishna!

Unknown said...

Hi Sachin, I came across your blog about bike trip to Sinhagad fort from Pune. Very nice blog with pics. Me and my hubby are planning to visit thr on our kinetic honda. Was wondering if the ghat roads were safe to ride as I will be riding in parts. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill on your way back? Regards, Kusum

sachinkgupta said...

Hi Kusum,

Sinhgad fort is a nice place to visit during monsoon. There are some places where you have to be cautious while driving on turns, else bikers love to go to this place. We didn't switch off the engine. Drive Safe!

More details:


dba info at one place said...

this is so nice.

Narayan said...

This is very nice temple. Hare Krishna.
I want to cover pune, lonavala, khandala, panchgani, mahabaleshwar. Please suggest?

sachinkgupta said...

Hi Narayan,

I am not sure from where you would be coming, But you can follow below travel plan and require minimum 4 days:

Day1: Khandala - Lonavala (During monsoon season these places require minimum 2 days.)
Day2: Pune
Day3: Panchgani
Day4: Mahabaleshwar

If you have more than 4 days, You can extend your travel in Mahabaleshwar and nearby Places like Venna Lake, Tapola. You Can check and search all the related links at this site. Enjoy your time fullest.


Gandham Gopichand said...

Mr Sachin your blogs are very useful not only travellers,travelagents also like us. Between khandala and pune one saibaba temple is there i forgot the area name can you tell the area

sachinkgupta said...

Hi Gandham,
Thanks for finding this useful. There could be more Sai baba temple, But in between Pune and Khandala there is:
""Sai Baba Temple near savarkhed Maharashtra, Pune, MH""

Happy traveling.

Unknown said...

Opening times of temple is available on www.openingtimes.in. It's free and easy site to check opening times.And one more benefit of this is go on mobile.

Anonymous said...

good one, Can you send us the High Resolution of Nvcc iskcon pune images to info@gyst.in

sachinkgupta said...

Thanks Ravi for providing the temple opening timing info.
Hello Anonymous,
Which specific images you would like to receive?
Happy Traveling.
-Sachin (LENS)

Utsav s ingh said...

jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.
jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.jai Shri Krishna.
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Radhe Radhe. jai Shri Krishna.
Radhe Radhe. jai Shri Krishna.
Radhe Radhe. jai Shri Krishna.
Radhe Radhe. jai Shri Krishna.

DIPS said...

Hi Sachin , The mahamantra which you wrote is incorrect .
Correct one is "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare" .

It means "O Energies of Lord Ram And Lord Krishna Please engage me in the service at your lotus feet"


Prashant Mudgal said...

jai ho krishna ji ki jai ho mahadev baba jai shree ram jai ho bajrang bli dada ji ki sda hi jai jai mata di jai shree ganesh ji jai ho sury dev jai ho shani dev jai ho pavan dev jai ho sabhi devi devtao ki jai ho brandavan banke bihari lal ki Radhey Radhey jai ho prabhu apki sda hi jai

rahulkavin said...

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