October 11, 2008

Quote of the blog: "The aim of English cricket is, in fact, mainly to beat Australia" - Jim Laker
Hi frds, Now you all can watch online free India cricket Matches here. Enjoy the time here.
Note: May be, this link will work only when live match going on.

If you have any problem while watching the video, just comment on the blog. For Cric Lovers.
Some good cric quotes:
Cricket is basically baseball on valium.- Robin Williams
That ball went so high it could have got an air hostess down with it.- NS Sidhu
Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than what they hide.- NS Sidhu
Wickets are like wives - you never know which way they will turn!- NS Sidhu
Cricket is a cricket (insect-kida) in India. -Sachin Kumar Gupta
"You are likely to find more life on MARS than on this pitch." - Damien Fleming
Just some time back, I got the tag where a spectator wears a Harbhajan cricket t-shirt.
"What did Harbhajan's five fingers say to the face? ......... !P A L S" (didn't get, revert the last word)

October 5, 2008

Its really the type of adventure we had very few in our life that can be counted on fingers. I don't know that for doing all this, how could I get prepared. Few denied for this adventure here as well. People used to walk on the ground, somtimes even in the air (By plane) but this experience was amazing, really adventurous (very few have tasted that) , really the different one - Walk under the Mediterranean Sea.
I had never imagined that I'd walk under the sea among the fishes, octopus, different sea creatures and sea plants. May be , The thought of being under all that water gives you all the shivers. I was also a bit scared as I was null and void in swimming and been in the sea water only twice before that(The first time, I bathe in the sea water, here in Cyprus only). The snaps may not get you that touch that I feel under water, But the videos really give you somewhat touch of our couragious adventure.
UnderSea Walk with Sachin

The same company organizes the walks in both Protoras and Paphos(near coral bay). Thanks to Subramanikandan Somasundaram (Mani) who initiated this plan & to Prabhmeet who forwarded this event mail to me & to Pavan who give us ride. Earlier we were enquiring about Protoras because in Protoras they take us into the sea by a boat and lower us down by a ladder(whereas in Paphos, we walked into the sea from the shore). But that time, due to weather changes, for the time being Protoras was also being operated as walk from the shore. We choose Paphos because it was closer to us. We need to start asap because we were in 4 batches, 4 people in each as per the filled timeslots in the excel sheet. It also gets more windy in the afternoon and it would be difficult to do walks that time.

Directions: Go to the Paphos tourist area ( Kato Paphos)
-Take the route towards Tombs of the Kings, Coral Bay
-After approx 10 Km, reach the Coral Bay junction(between the main road and a road to the left)
-Take the left turn. After a few hundred meters, take another left turn.
-Now you will be near Ascos hotel.
-There is a sand road on the right side, which goes to the beach.
-The undersea walk event was there.
The actual fee was around 28 CYP per person, but we got some significant discount as we were in group. The charges includes the snaps & videos taken by them during undersea walk(25 CYP).

Some important tips & tricks:
  • You need to carry your swim wear, a towel, change over clothes, drinking water and anything else you would like.
  • Time taken for each batch to complete the walk was approx 30 to 45 mins. So be there at least 15 mins before the schedule time.
  • Listen the hand movements code instructions carefully before going for walk, because it will help you to move all around undersea and will help in case of any problem.
  • While feeding the loaf of special bread to fish there, don't create too much movement, otherwise fish will scatter away.

I have the undersea organizers mobile numbers, 96354952/96537613, may be they are still avail on these numbers, If you are dreaming to dare it!!!
The sunlight within the water really soothing. It was the real time experience like the undersea screensaver going on live. When I watch my videos, It seems like I am watching the very special Discovery Channel program. Yes, We are the Undersea Walkers.
If you are in some other mood of adventure, then enjoy - Rock Climbing in Cyprus

October 1, 2008

The day 28 Sep 2008, was celebrated as Cyprus DOTS (my convention) - "Day Of The Sea"
Every year IMO celebrates World Maritime Day. The exact date is left to individual Governments but is usually celebrated during the last week in September. The day is used to focus attention on the importance of shipping safety, maritime security and the marine environment and to emphasize a particular aspect of IMO's work. Cyprus government decided to celebrate it on 28 Sep with the support of the member companies, CSC (Cyprus Shipping Chamber), Main Sponsors, Supporters and media supporters here. I think they choose the best place near Limassol Old Port (Limassol Promenade area).
You can watch out the youtube video here: ' ''Day of the Sea'' Event 28 September 2008 '

The "Day of the Sea" Event was open to the general public and included various events and children's activities such as bouncy castles, stilt walkers, face painters, games, competitions, food, music, aiming to entertain children, as well as other activities that provide them with the opportunity to get to know the Cyprus Shipping Industry, and the employment opportunities that exist in Shipping.

There was a worth-watching international photographic exhibition "Of the Seas" at the seafront promenade area, near old port, Limassol. There was maximum three photographs from a single country, various parts of India. There were many photographs from National Geographic and others with the sponsor as Limassol Marina. The other photographic exhibition "Limassol Sea Whisperings" organised by Limassol Municipality, which included photographs from the construction of Cyprus ports and also of the broader area of the twons & villages of Limassol, Larnaka and Famagusta.
During the day, We (Ankit Shah, Parikshat, Gaurav, Nitin, Ankit) enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Ankit & Gaurav for giving me ride. Other activities of the DOTS - "Day of the Sea" Event included various sea competitions and demonstrations, for example sailing boat, kayak and rowing competitions, jet ski racing, Kite surfing demonstration, tug boat demonstration, air-sea rescue drill and water polo matches. The proceeds of the Day of the Sea Event donated to the 'Make a Wish' Charity Association for a good cause, which fulfills wishes of the children suffering from cancer.
It was really a thrilling sea/air rescue operation, in which a helicopter flies over the sea safeguards men in the sea, signals to the men in the sea and rescued them safely. It was like a hollywood stunt we watched live. While watching this rescue mission, many people were capturing the moments in their cams, and the promenade & the pier area was full. After that there was live music and dance entertainment till night.
So this blog is the remembrance for those who were present there, reminiscences for those who missed it or could not manage to be there and souvenir for all of us.

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