January 5, 2009

This castle was built to protect the town against raids from the Arab. Kyrenia (Girne) castle structure changed at time to time. Using the Byzantium style of fortification, a new entrance, square and horseshoe-shaped towers, embrasures for archer, and dungeons were added. From 1974, the Department of Antiquities and museums has been responsible for all aspects of castle's preservation and use.
We directly reached here from Nicosia. You can easily search for the place if you are coming by Kyrenia town center way. Beside it, there is car parking place (If you are coming from back). Other way to reach here is, Park your car near Kyrenia Municipality, walk the Kyrenia harbour and at the end you can see the big castle. You can get the tickets above stairs (6.5 Euros per person).
We taken many photographs here. See "Dil Chahta Hai" (Bollywood movie) style photograph and other group photographs. I missed it during my first visit to NC. I have visited this place in the day as well as night time. You can get entry inside the castle only until 3:30 pm.

You will always see the crowd all around and have the drink/food in the nearby restaurants, bars. You can view the amazing Kyrenia harbour view from top of the castle. From each side/corner of the castle, you can enjoy panoramic and soothing views. Even some of us (me 2) trying to hold the castle on our hands (just for a creative pose :-)

You can visit the east wing, exhibition hall, Lunsignan Tower, Dungenos, Venetian tower, and Shipwreck Museum inside it.
Wanna to have a look to other places in North Cyprus.


SAK said...

This was the place where Race2 movie was shot. You may like this

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