December 24, 2008

Happy New Year 2013

Make the world
free from terrorists, and their attacks.
Make our security full proof packed.

Make the world
free from job insecurity, and the global recession.
Make it secured & back in action.

Make the world
free from temp rising and global warming.
Start controlling & more tree planting.

Make the world
free from floods, and blowing bloods.
Save the water & make life more good.

Make the world
free from poverty and the diseases.
Donate globally and help others.

Make the world
free from murder and everywhere slaughter.
Beware of, be harder and be smarter.

Make the world
free from political game and fake fame.
Use your vote & don't be a turn coat.

Make the world

free from Tornado form and Hurricane storm.
Set peace alarm, and wish weather to be calm.

In the memory of horrified year,
Wishing you all a peacefull new year

Happy New Year 2013

- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)


Anonymous said...

This is a good One and good Start!
Keep it up :)
- Gautam

Anonymous said...

Hey Sachin... Its really nice...
Keep it up...

Home Sweet Home said...

good beginning ... carry on

Unknown said...

nice initiative for Humanity....

TaNuJ...g.... said...

really mind blowing yar....

but karte aisa kuchh nhi..ap bhi aur main bhi....

Anonymous said...

acha karte ho.bahut badhiya... hamka bahut acha laga aapka poem sun ke

Anonymous said...

nice one dear

sachinkgupta said...

thanks for the comments to all and Happy new yr once again 2 u & all ur loved ones.

anurag said...

Really! it's a beautiful lines...
Wishing you and your family the biggest slice of happiness and good luck this PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!
Keep it up man...gud work

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