September 5, 2011

 ***** Ajanta Caves (Ajintha leni) ***** 

Quote of the Post: "Sacred sounds in stone have gained international fame and re-designated as World Heritage Sites". - Quote about 'Ajanta and Ellora' - Sachin Kumar Gupta

Since 1983, The Ajanta Caves have been world's greatest historical monument recognised by UNESCO located just 40kms from Jalgaon city of Maharashtra, India. It is 100 Km from Ellora Caves, and 110 Km from Aurangabad. After covering Ellora caves, We follow the route from Pune as: 
Pune - Ahmadnagar - Shani Shingnapur - Aurangabad - Daultabad - Ellora - Sillod - Ajanta.
The same can be covered by the path directly from Pune as: Pune - Ahmadnagar - Aurangabad - Sillod - Ajanta 

Ajanta Caves Timings:
9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Note: Ajanta Caves are closed on Monday. 

Ajanta Caves Ticket Charges:
1. For Indians below 15 years : FREE of Charge
2. For Indians above 15 years : Rs. 10/- per head 
3. For Foreigners : US $5 or equivalent in Indian rupees per head 
4. For Photo Camera/ Video Camera: Rs. 5/- (Camera to be used without flash)

Some points about Ajanta Caves:

1. Why name Ajanta? As the place was unknown to the public (Janta) since long time, so as the name, A-Janta.
2. Ajanta Caves, excavated between the 2nd century B.C. and the 6th century A.D. are renowned for Buddhist paintings. 
3. Ajanta represents the most perfect example of Indian wall paintings. 
4. For a thousand years, Ajanta lay buried in the jungle-clad slopes of the western mountain range, until in 1819, It was discovered accidentally. 
5. Ajanta Caves made an ideal site of horse-shoe shaped rock rising over a ravine alongwith the "Waghora river". 
6. There are 30 caves, some of them are uncompleted and negligible. Best work can be found in caves 1, 2, 16, 17 and 19. The best sculptures are in caves 1, 4, 17, 19, 24 and 26. [Info consolidated through various sites, and after own interpretation] 
7. Cave No 9, 10, 19, 26 and 29 are chaitya halls and rest monesteries are vihars. 
8. Caves 1, 2, 16 and 17 are fitted with spotlights, available for use on payment. 
9. The central theme on the walls comes under two heads - narrative scenes from the Buddha's life and illustrations of Jataka fobles pertaining to Buddha's previous incarnation.
10. The paintings inside the caves, include geometric designs, floral and ornamental motifs, flying figures of celestial beings, animals, birds, plants. 

Some Tips to Enjoy/Note about Ajanta Caves as per our experience:
  • 1. To start early in the morning, stay nearby Ajanta caves area, and reach at night to Ajanta village. 
  • 2. Try to start early in the day, so that It wouldn't be exaustive. 
  • 3. During peak season, There is long queue for tickets, also for the bus drop from Ajanta Parking place to the base of Ajanta caves. 
  • So try to be early in the morning, We got our bus sharp 9 A.M. 
  • 4. Bring ample snacks and water before starting for the Ajanta caves, as you wouldn't get anything up the hills. 
  • 5. There are some small waterfalls during monsoon season, that can be enjoyed. 
  • 6. When you finish all the caves, explore another little big waterfall, follow the path that connects to the bridge.  
  • 7. To have different views of the Ajanta caves, You have to follow bridge root, not the same root while coming back. 
  • 8. You can have a guide for the whole Ajanta caves visit, or you can choose to have different guides at some specific caves, and pay some small tokens to them. 
  • 9. It will take 4-5 hrs to cover all the caves, depending on how you are traversing the caves from the base area.  
  • 10. Nearby Ajanta parking area, There is an ATM, and many shops that have been commercialized. Bargain as much as you can, while purchasing the souvenirs.

Thanks to all my amdocs friends - Tarachand, Anish Bapna, Dhiraj Masodgi, Jatin Wadhwa, Avnish Garg, Sagar Ambastha to make this trip more happening and enjoyable.

Visit other World Heritage Site - "Ellora Caves" [100 Km away from Ajanta Caves] in Maharashtra. 


Dhiraj Kumar Masodgi said...

With rain on second day it made us our day,surroundings were beautiful and we are ready for fire.

Pranjal Prajapati said...

Very informative tips man, Love to see this place soon.

Ranita Shankar said...

I went to Ajanta & Ellora in 2008...but you have really reminded me how pretty it really is. thanks for this post and nice snaps.

TouristSafari said...

Very Well written post, thoroughly enjoyed it. Ajanta Caves is really amassing place. You can also check my post at Ajanta Caves Aurangabad at

Sanjay M said...

thanks for writing so nice post about Ajanta & Allora. we would like to know, we will be staying in Aurangabad, and here for 3 days. what all places we can roam around nearby Aurangabad these days. then we will be in Mumbai for 2 days. please let me know in details before November end. I just like all your posts and details and snaps of all the places in Maharashtra.

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