August 7, 2009

Quote of the Post: "The place for everyone, be it any season or any reason" Quote about Cyprus - Sachin Gupta

The place where I had my first job, a beautiful small island, what could be better than this. I feel myself lucky to get an opportunity to work with amazing teams, meeting wonderful people, and being a part of a culture called Amdocs, DVCC where I have spend most wonderful years of my professional and personal life. After a period of approx 2 years, my stay at the most wonderful island have come to an end. This was a mixed feeling of both happiness and sorrow. Happiness of moving forward and sorrow is to leave Cyprus & more special DVCC.

I have great learning experience in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment of Amdocs DVCC. Other than that I improved some of other skills: a bit of cooking, Dancing (Latin American & ballroom dances), playing-card games, personal web-site dev, and so-so (list is too long)

I have too many great memory moments with all my friends, colleagues here; All the amdocs parties were amazing. The undersea walk, trips, treks and excursions to all parts of the Cyprus were breezing & soothing. You can't escape the B wor(l)d of Cyprus being in Cyprus. I have captured all those moments not even in my WD hard disk, but in the permanent hard disk as well.

Project Team Event at the beach near Comp
At the Happy Valley cricket ground near Kourian

Parties at most visited Raj Tandoor Restaurant
First Year Anniversary of together in Amdocs

The very first day we arrived at Larnaca airport, Cyprus
With our friends at the eleventh hour in Limassol, Cyprus


Prabhakar Prakash Ranjan said...

Hi Sachin,

How are you? How is it going in India?

Nice scrapbook photos you have put. Seems like a yesteryears' album. Good one.

Take care,

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