March 9, 2009

I found an entertaining video on you-tube. I am sure you will love it. After watching this video, you will see it again and again. If Hrithik will be dancing with the song sung by Ricky Martin and JLo & Ricky Martin singing and performing on Indian music, what could be better than this.

The video includes the following songs:
"Kyon chalti hai pavan" by Ricky Martin
"Aankhon mein Kajal, Paaron mein Payal" by JLo (Jennifer Lopez)
"Meri yaado mein, mere khwavo mein, roz aate ho tum" by JLo & Ricky Martin
"aa dhoop malu mein tere haatho mein" by Ricky Martin
"Ek pal ka jeena, ye to hai jana" dance & performed by Ricky
and many more...
You will really enjoy this mixing trek.


Anonymous said...

Hey.. Really Nice One.
You can use the site
This will show the different countries who have visited your site.

Anonymous said...


Other West artists (such as Celine Dion etc.) also have been mixed well with Hindi poori songs :)


Prabhakar Prakash Ranjan said...

Hi Sachin,

You write pretty good blog. Will be following it :)


Anonymous said...

Its Really amazing.
cool, Keep it up.

S said...

That was funny Sachin !!

But i had already seen it on you-tube long back !!! :)

Check mine out:

Its about the individual in you called I !!!

Unknown User said...

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