April 17, 2009

Quote of the Post: "Blogging is the literature, which is full or mix of prose, poetry, short stories, history, oratory and many more." - (Quote about Blogging - Sachin Kumar Gupta)

If you found this post googling "
" "Guide to Blogging Words" or "Frequently used Blogging words" then you are 200% at the correct place. If you are a blogger, then also you should have a look. I am blogging-in now. The below are the new, commonly and most commonly used blogords (Blog words) in the blog world. I think these words are best for Blogging, Blog TV sites and channels, You can get and generate more ideas about blogs from these. You can have a daily schedule as per some of the blogords on your Blog TV channel or site, Now you may get some blogic. So I have engraved some of the frequently used blogging words and definitions, as below:

Bizblog : Post/Blog about business blog.
Blog : Short form of blog post or web-log.
Blog-in : Start the blog post.
Blog-out : End the blog post.
Blogame : Description of any game in any form; or Reply to some blog through your blog.
Blogang : Multiple Bloggers who have rights to edit/add to perticular blog site.
Blogarithm : Any algorithm you follow for the write-up of your blog.
Blogart : The art of blogging.
Blogatician : A politician who blogs.
Blogaward : The best blog post or best blog site award in a given category.
Blogdom : Online universe of blogs or Blogosphere.
Blogdunia : same as Blogworld.
Blogger : The one who writes/edit/add to a blog.
Bloggie : Similar to Blogger.
Bloggywood : The post containing something about Hollywood, Bollywood or any other film industry.
Blogic : The logic to put the contents of your blog to the blog.
Blogician : The one who gives blogic to bloggers, S/he may be a blogger [Blogger Supervisor].
Blogictionary : Words and Slangs used in Blogging world.
Blogipedia : Similar to wikipedia. [Domain avail for sale]
Blogirl : Female Blogger.
Bloglog : Log of Blogs.
Blogmatics : A way of blogging [may be daily, weekly, monthly].
Blognology : The technology used for blog sites.
Blogo : Blog Logo.
Blogoetry : Poetry or poem written in a blog.
Blogography : Someone's biography posted to a blog.
Blogology : The technique of blogging, contains blogics.
Blogomentary : Documentary in a blog, or Blogumentary.
Blogoogle : Search related to blog content via search engine.
Blogord : Word related to blog.
Blogosphere : The world of blogs & bloggers or Blogworld.
Blogroduct : The products shown on a blog in any form.
Blogroup : Collection of blogs.
Blog'sport : Any form of write-up about sport in the blog.
Blogssary : A glossary of blogging words and slangs.
Blog TV : The TV channel or site which shows all information related to blog.
Bloguy : Male blogger.
Blogworld : Online universe of blogs or Blogosphere.
MoBlog : Mobile Blogging.
Weblog : An online web diary.

I am sure some of the blogords will be useful to you as well, if you blog. It may be possible that you will find some other definitions of any of the blogords. So to make it clear, It is not a bone of contention; Your inputs and suggestions are highly appreciable and welcome for discussion. I will keep on updating this list at time to time and if you have any useful blogord to suggest, will be added to this list.
Last Updated list: 170409

I am blogging-out now. - Sachin Kumar Gupta


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