November 29, 2008

Quote of the Blog: "Blogging is the literature, which is full or mix of prose, poetry, short stories, history, oratory and many more." - Sachin Kumar Gupta
This blog is for those bloggers who wants to move their blog posts from one blog to another (I have tested it through same blogger account). Although I found some other blogs related to this, but I found those ways complicated. Just follow these steps:
1. Enter Into Blogger account. Go to dashboard.
2. Under the manage blogs, Click on the edit posts, from where you want to move/copy the post to another blog.
3. Edit the blog post which you want to copy/move. Click on 'Edit HTML' tab.
4. Copy the whole HTML content from here.
5. Again go to the dashboard where you want to move/copy the blog post.
6. Click on the new post under the blog, where you wants to copy/move the post.
7. Now paste the copied HTML content under 'Edit HTML' tab, and 'Save now'.
8. You even have the option to change the 'Title' and 'Labels for this post'. You can also see the preview of the blog post under 'Preview' tab. More than this, you can even enhance/add/edit more content on this blog.
9. Now if you are ready with your blog, To publish it "PUBLISH POST".
10. Check by clicking 'View Blog' tab, if it is as you want to be.
Note: You can even delete the blog post from your previous blog. Dashboard - Edit Posts - Delete (Click the one which you copied)
If you have any other query, suggestion regarding this blog, Please let me know. I will be happy to know other ways and get the comments.


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