November 20, 2008

Quote of the Blog: "Marriage is the part of life-cycle as coding in SDLC phase. So code carefully; Bug fix may cost alot." - Sach

After a long time, I was attending an Indian wedding, that was one of my closest friend - Prashant Singh Rana. In the hostel we used to call him Bapuji - Saadhu Mahatma. So finally Rana got placed in the social institution. Due to this, I rescheduled my home leave plan to India long time back. As expected many of our batchmates (Sandeep, Sachin Kumar, Abhijeet, Gaurav Saraswat & Bhatt, Shiv bhai, Anish, Chandu, Ankit, Jagwani, Captain, Mahendra, Raj, Rubi, Asthana), juniors frm IIIT came as per the mentioned address. Some of them (including me) got confused due to 2 nearby Shiv Mandir there. Everything was happenning as per the specified muhurat and planetary positions. We were cracking jokes and pulling each other's leg. Now its time to capture some moments of the eve, had the group photos alongwith the groom.

Now its time to rock- jump on the Delhi roads; i mean, we were proceessing with Band & Barat. Our group initiated the dance and whatever song it was, we were in the Bhangra style. Sometimes, Above us Metro train was running but everyone was busy in dancing. Rana also wants to dance but couldn't, due to some terms & conditions :-)
Now the barat reached the place where Deepika bhabhiji was waiting for Prashant. But Prashant couldn't hide the smile as well that he was desperate to see his loving bride face. Now it was time for the 'Jaimaal Karyakram', But bhabhiji beated in the game over stage (where bride and groom used to put on the garland to each other with the support of their family and friends). We also had a group snap with the couple.

Then we had dinner there. In the meantime some of our friends already left the place due to next day office and some always have their excuses. We proceeded towards the 'Saat Phere Mandap' where Panditji was preaching Sanskrat Shlok with proper explanation. Prashant had full attention to those words. We were staying there in a room where we shared our 1 yr experience in the comp, places we visited and our M.Tech. days.

After that couple came up for their dinner and Prashant introduced us with the bhabhiji and we had some chat. After that it was the time of tearing - Vidai :-) and we were on our ways after that. Iti Shri Deva Khande Prashant-Deepika Vivah Sampanna Bhavati ;-)

"Heartly Congratulations to Deepika-Rana to gain entry into The better half of your lives, With your life's BETTER HALVES. Wishing you a Happy Married Life".
This blog is for those friends who couldn't manage to attend the Vivah and for those who manage to attend the connubial to remember those moments, and dedicated to conjugal couple.


Unknown said...

I really missed it...........

but you write the great event in such a good manner, i feels it like i was there..........

gr8 sachin......keep it up:)

Also Happy married Life wishes to Rana :)

Unknown said...

Unbelievable.....what a fantastic description u have written sachin.......well done.......this description has added more sparkles and joys to rana's marriage.

Unknown said...

Tat's great moment i missed...
koi nahee rana ji ko maje lootane ke liye dher saari badhaeia.....

sachinkgupta said...

Thanks for urs comments here - Tara, Sandeep & Pandeyji..
so pandeyji aap bhi dher saare maje loot rahe/chuke ho... sahi hai lol..

sachinkgupta said...

@ Sandeep - You need to do ur marriage next year near Diwali.. I will be there. Koi pasand aayi abhi tak tujhe

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