August 1, 2010

First of all, A very happy friendship day to all my loved ones and friends. It is right by said, that the expansion of FRIEND is true in itself, [F]ew [R]elations [I]n [E]arth [N]ever [D]ie. Even though it is intensionally expanded. But I like this. So this poem is for all my loved ones and friends:
Every girl wanna to be my life.
But don't know why!
don't know why!

Besides me, every girl wanna to be lie,
I am not telling a lie.
No lie.

Every girl wanna to be my side.
I wanna this to be avoid.
I don't hide.

Every girl wanna to meet me at night.
Its very tough and tight.
Give me some light.
I love light.

So every girl wanna to have some fight.
I don't have any right.
No right, No fight.

Every girl wanna someone my type.
I don't want any hype.
No hype.

Even someone shows me the knife,
I don't want to be wipe,
Save my life.

Even pretty lips calls me anytime,
Be it day or night.
be it nine or five.
Jesus! I am still alive.
Save me with all this talk & jive.

Even those lips wanted to kiss me.
The more they miss me,
more they wanted to kill(ss) me.

Every girl wanna to be with me at tea/Coffee-time.
But I don't feel fine.
Really not fine.

Every girl wanna to be my wife.
But don't know why!
don't know why!

Thanks God for my life.
Every girl wanna to be my bride.
So, I cried.

Still I am single,
ya still single.
So every girl wanna to be mingle.

These are the words from the poet inside me,
It's nothing about me.
Nothing about me.
- Sachin Kumar Gupta (Sach)


Tan said...

wt d g8 internal feeling it..

justGautam said...

Sahi hai bhai....good work...I wish/hope that some "special" one also reads it and finally be with you...AMEN!!!

Chintan said...

Happy to see a great poet in Engineer

Anonymous said...

mast hai sir ji ......

har girl kya har (fee mail) ki yahi kahani hai aapke liye

Ayu said...

Nice words chemistry,.... but i am confused... tu ladki chaahtaa he yaa nahi in your life... clearly bol :D

Priyanshu Gupta said...

Awesome Poem bhiya...

sachinkgupta said...

Thanks everyone for liking it.

New Jersey Cleaning Service said...

Thanks for sharingg this

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