December 15, 2008

Quote of the blog: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine
After a long time we (Gaurav, Mrunal, Nitin, Praveen, Sandip, Saurabh alongwith me) were gathered to roam around another unvisited place. We started gathering the information about the Rocking land - Akamas, but we didn't. I am referring here the rocking land, with the land itself full of rocks, not where some rock star born, or any rock band going to perform. But we were really going to rock there at the rock land. Earlier we were having this plan on Saturday  so that can relax on Sunday. But some of our friends were busy in office work (due to recession period in industry) and some in other stuff. So plan seems to be all in vain. Somehow during Sat night I pinged/communicated to all of them to get ready at 10 AM max. But besides me & my flatmates, all were ready on-time  You can think of, the level of excitement. We manage to start our rocking journey only 40 mins late :-) with some quick calls/complains.

We had some snacks in the midway and near the Paphos Mall we halted at McD. Hunger finished with burger, and in a short while we reached Agios Georgios. Now it was time to give some pose for our next orkut/picasa albums. Even some of us were exploring inside the caves of the rocks and watching panoramic views. Now we were towards our planned destination. We turned towards Akamas Peninsula. We had another break near the Lara turtle beach, where you can find the turtle tracks as well. We couldn't see the sea turtle nest. Due to time shortage, we drive by the side of rocks to "Avakas - Nature rail" as suggested by Gaurav. (So he enjoyed there again)

It was really awesome place. One rock was like a bridge between rock walls above us. It's time to capture another array of snaps. No-one wants to miss any moment there and everyone was trying not to hold the cam. We found there reef limestone, grain-stone and many more. (couldn't remember other names) At the end, we finished our journey with the pleasant sunset.
For more of my pics of other trips and excursion: Click it.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that i made this mistake of not attending Akamas with u.I am so proud of this mistake that I intend to repeat it again and again.Earlier I was a little doubtful that the place sucked but after seeing the pics u have proved that I was 100% correct.

sachinkgupta said...

@Sumit: I know, you don't want to spend bucks. carry on.. anyways thanks for the comment.

Home Sweet Home said...

Nice short description of Akamas ....will surely like to visit now .... @Sachin : Good u started a website where we all friends can share their eventful experiences with the rest .

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